Commune with Nature and experience Community Life through the SAVIMA  (SAN VICENTE MANGROVE ASSOCIATION) Community Life Tour.


SAVIMA is a people’s organization with  community life tour experience for sustainable tourism activities like Home-stays (staying with the locals), livelihood demonstrations (like how to catch snapping shrimp of “takla” and shell gathering like “imbao”), mangrove adventure (knowing the names of the mangrove species), food service (seafoods and native merienda)  and community interaction. Walk through the 500-meter boardwalk within the mangroves with signages and at the end portion of the tour is an islet called Tintinan. This islet faces Maribojoc Bay and is good for picnickers, swimming and fishing.


Captivate yourself with the true eco-tourism. Be part of the community – learn their livelihood activities, join in merry-making and partake of the best local cuisine. Appreciate the importance of the coastal ecosystem, the protection and conservation efforts done by the locals toward sustainable development. Be part of this endeavor.

Guided Mangrove Adventure Tour. Take a walk, cross the half-kilometer boardwalk through a 56-hectare serene mangrove forest. Commune with Nature. Listen to the sound of chirping birds, stop for a while and rest in the native cottages along the boardwalk and at the Tintinan Islet.

Learn the ways of the locals. Try to gather shells (imbao) or catch snapping shrimps (takla). Feel the cool mud wipe the first flood of sweat as you plant potted mangrove seedlings.

At the end of a meaningful day, retire to the comforts of home with a Boholano family. Feel the company of your host family as they treat you with Filipino and Boholano hospitality.


  • Local Tour Guide – P150.00
  • Livelihood Demonstrations – P60.00 per demo of Mangrove Planting, Imbao Gathering and Takla Gathering
  • Meals (Snacks & Lunch) – P250.00


    • Homestay – P200.00


SAVIMA BOARDWALK is located along the national road, 3 kms from Poblacion, Maribojoc and 12 kms from Tagbilaran City. It is accessible by tricycles, habal-habal, jeepneys, vans and buses.


For tour arrangements and details, please contact:

Septima Pugio


Latest Update:

The SAVIMA BOARDWALK is TEMPORARILY CLOSED because it is undergoing rehabilitation.  We will announce when it will be again open for the public.  An alternative tour going to the ‘Tintinan Island’ will be done through Boat Rowing.  Its’ Reception Area is still open for interaction activities with the members of the people’s organization.  Activities such as Mangrove Identification & Planting Demonstration as well as Imbao & Takla Gathering with the PO is still available during the PO Interaction.