Experience adventure activities in Maribojoc.  Our People’s Organizations (POs) can provide you with ecological-tourism activities that you will cherish and enjoy.  You can also choose among these exciting activities:  1) Mountain Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Caving, and Spelunking; 2) Water Sports and Kayaking; 3) Boat Rowing and Viewing at the Postan Forest in Abatan River; and 4) Snorkeling and Diving in Maribojoc Bay.

Contact our Municipal Eco-Heritage Tourism, Culture and Arts (MEHTCA) Officer, Mary Annie G. Jabines at (038) 504-9218 or at this e-mail address maryannejabines@yahoo.com, for more details.  You can also contact the Office of the Municipal Mayor through  (038) 504-9979 or 504-9555, or e-mail them at tribukauswagan@yahoo.com.