In 2010, NSO reported the population of Maribojoc to reach 20,491 with an annual growth rate of 1.79 %.   Latest local survey in 2010 (Poverty Database Monitoring System) showed that Maribojoc has 3,874 households.

Of the 22 barangays, three had been classified by the NSO as urban barangays.  The urban population constitutes 26.61% of the total municipality’s population, while the rest of the 73.39% are in the rural barangays. The average household size is 4.55 per household.

Maribojoc’s gross density is 2.6039 persons per hectare.  The urbanized barangays has a gross density of 5.4209 while the rural barangays has a gross density of 2.0915.  Among the rural barangays, Anislag has the highest density of 8.723 persons per hectare.  Barangay Poblacion has the highest density of 21.3707 persons per hectare while the lowest density of 0.5859 persons per hectare is Lagtangon.

Based on the local survey in 2010, 59.56% of the population falls within the 15-64 years old age bracket, while 52.06% is between the 1-29 years old age bracket.  The 0 -14 years old age bracket comprises 30.56% of the population, while 8.24 % are in the 65-80 years old and over bracket.   50.78% of the population are male and 49.22% are female.

The data shows that 91% of the population had resided in the municipality for the last 5 years while 7 % came from other provinces and 2% from other municipalities within the province.