Functional Statement:

  1. As the legislative body of the municipality, enact ordinances, approve resolutions and appropriate funds for the general welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants;
  2. Review all ordinances approved by the Sangguniang Barangay and executive orders issued by the Punong to determine whether these are within the scope and powers of the Sanggunian and at the punong barangay;
  3. Generate and maximize the use of resources, and revenues for the development plans, programs and priorities of the municipality;
  4. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as maybe prescribed by law or ordinance;
  5. Conduct committee hearings and investigation in aid of legislation;
  6. Legislative consultation to the people, in line to a consultative government in preparing legislative measures; and
  7. Review and approve all development plans.


  1. To promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality;
  2. To promote transparency in governance and fiscal management;
  3. Regulate activities relative to the use of land, buildings, and structures within the municipality in order to promote the general welfare of the people;
  4. To ensure the efficient and effective delivery of basic services and facilities;
  5. To promote a peaceful and healthy community;
  6. To open opportunities for the increase of family income;
  7. To enact measures for the increase of local revenues; and
  8. To elevate the municipal income classification from fifth class to forth class municipality.