Maribojoc is a coastal town located at the southwestern portion of the Province of Bohol, Philippines, famous of its Punta Cruz Historical Watchtower, the old Holy Cross Church, the scenic Maribojoc Bay, the panoramic mountain ranges, the emerging Abatan River Tour, and its hospitable and peace-loving people.

Maribojoc is bounded on the northeast by the Municipality of Antequera, on the northwest by the Municipality of Loon, on the southwest by the Bohol Strait and on the southeast by the Abatan River.

The Municipality is divided into 22 barangays and has a total area of 6,956.80 hectares. The biggest barangay as far as land area is concerned is Barangay Jandig, which has a land area of 662.21 hectares. The smallest barangays are Barangay Poblacion and Barangay Anislag with land areas of 92.51 and 92.51 hectares, respectively.