Infrastructure and Physical Development

  • Establishment of a new Function Hall (Parola Hall) – where meetings, workshops and seminars are conducted, an IGP from rental fees
  • Improvement of Public buildings – provision of new offices (MSWD)
  • Construction of Trading Center – where local handicraft producers and direct buyers meet and trading takes place
  • Development/Improvement/Expansion of Waterworks System – aiming to provide zero bacteria water to households in 24 hours at highly desired water pressure, and be a more than self-liquidating local government economic enterprise ( Status : Availment of Funds thru loan is on progress) – P 43 M Project
  • Rehabilitation of the Municipal Health Center – aims to renovate the dilapidated Health Center into a two-storey building giving enough space for the maternal delivery services, and an appropriate space for patients that need be isolated from patients of common diseases during consultations and medications, and space for the Day Care Center – P 5M Project – (Status : availment of funds to finance the project is on process)
  • Construction of Lamayan ng Bayan – aims to give equal grounds for the bereaved families in the municipality in giving last respect to their beloved departed. So far, there is no facility in the locality that caters services to decently dispose dead bodies of loved ones. The establishment of a “Lamayan ng Bayan” is still in the planning stage and will be implemented when funds are available – P 1.3 M Project
  • Rehabilitation of Track and Field Oval with Fencing and Covered Bleacher – Infrastructure Support for Sports Development, to respond to the needs of the athletes and sports enthusiasts in the municipality – P 3.5 M Project (Status : Availment of funds on process)
  • Improvement of the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center – Infrastructure Support for Sports and Arts and Culture Program – P 2.5 M Project (Status: Funds availment on process)
  • Maribojoc Government Center – an integrated infrastructure support to house government offices, and aqua-mari culture park (for funding)
  • Maribojoc Port Development – a P28 M Project for implementation by the PPA – aims to make Maribojoc Wharf as an alternate to the Tagbilaran Port
  • Completion of the Slaughter House with Wastewater Treatment Facility – Project Cost : P 500,000.00 – (for funding with ready local counterpart)

Note: Projects in Italics are yet in the planning stage and their respective projects proposals are still for fund sourcing.