Economic Development

  • Improved production of organic crops, fisheries and livestock.
  • Enhanced job opportunities
  • Investment generation
  • Developed ecotourism sites, support facilities and tourism services
  • Promoted and marketed to be globally competitive

Social Development

  • Reduce drop-out rates of school children in Maribojoc
  • Improve the school physical facilities in Maribojoc
  • Uplift and improve the standard of living of Maribojocanons thru sustainable skills trainings that will increase the income and develop the economic status of the community
  • Improved survival health and well- being of general population
  • Shelter requirements for all levels provided
  • Improved quality of life of low-income groups in the municipality
  • Improved DCC services in the municipality
  • Decreased incidence of child abuse and VAWC
  • Enhanced local cultural awareness on heritage preservation and revitalization of local culture and arts

Environmental Protection

  • Well-managed natural resources
  • Ensure sustainable management of coastal and marine resources
  • Ensure efficient and effective mineral rights administration including adequate monitoring
  • Ensure adequate supply of safe and potable water to all consumers
  • Secure the safety of life, damage to properties and natural resources
  • Sustained healthy and clean environment

Governance and Administration

  • Strong community participation to governance
  • Improved LGU delivery of basic services
  • High local revenue
  • Highly peaceful and safe community

Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Improved transport and access facilities
  • Ensured profitability/efficiency of the Municipal Waterworks operation system
  • Rehabilitated and constructed small communal irrigation system
  • Ensured uninterrupted power supply
  • Modern type of technology for communication