Kahayag Shines Again Thru Joint Efforts
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – Sitio Kahayag in Poblacion, this town used to lord it over other communities in the entertainment world. No less than the late novelty singer Yoyoy Villame, before he hit the limelight, was already Kahayag’s guest singer in their famous nightly amateur hour in the seventies.

But when the late Kahayag leader Engr. Paulito Fuertes passed away, the lights of this sitio slowly faded away every time they observed the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, Kahayag’s patron saint.

Then a Manila-based businessman, Paul Gelig, came into the scene. Himself a former Kahayag celebrity, Gelig exerted all efforts to revive the lost glory of the once vibrant sitio.

On his prodding and with the support of former Kahayag stalwarts Dr. Vic Descallar and kid brother Moises Descallar plus Municipal Councilor Reynaldo “Liling” Villas, the SB Committee on Tourism, Culture and Arts chair , the Kahayag Association members trooped to the polls last October 3, 2009 to elect their new set of officers.

Willy Reloba, a Coca Cola staffer, was unanimously elected president. The other officers included DepEd mentor Greg Ensendencia, vice president for domestic affairs; Paul Gelig, vice president for national affairs; Balikbayan Mitch Descallar, vice president for international affairs; Bebeth Morgia, secretary; Babie Real, treasurer; newly appointed Maribojoc SB Secretary Cesar Campos, CPA, auditor; Dr. Vic Descallar, commissioner for church affairs; Councilor Liling Villas, commissioner for arts, culture and sports; and Moises “Boy” Descallar, press relations officer.

Last night, the stage curtains of Kahayag opened with the first elimination tilt on the Search for the Kahayag Singing Idol after the first novena prayer at their chapel.

Manned by Fr. Irvin Garsuta, IHMS musical director, and composer Yoyon Ramasola, 45 aspirants will contest in six nightly shows which will climax come December 5, this year at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center for the grand finals.

Thanks to the initiative of Paul Gelig with the support of his peers, Kahayag will shine again. #

4 Lawyers Give Free Legal Counselling
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – Four lawyers headed by a Maribojoc-born judge, extended last November 28 free legal services to Maribojocanons at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center here.

Regional Trial Court Judge Teofilo “Flux” Baluma, himself a Maribojocanon, told his audience that he owed his town mates why he is on his bench now. “This is one way of repaying Maribojoc for what i am now today after experiencing trials and tribulations as a working student,” he bluntly told some 100-town mates who attended the daylong forum.

Judge Baluma expertly discussed the topics ‘- “Issues on Violence Against Women and Children” and “Family-Related Issues and Concerns.”

His son, Atty. Cristifil Baluma, a CPA-lawyer, lectured on “Realty Laws.” Judge Ma. Elisa E. Ochoco, of the Municipal Circuit Trial Court for Cortes, Maribojoc and Antequera, on the other hand, discoursed on “Land Rights Laws.” Atty. Joseph Baton, another CPA-lawyer and a Maribojocanon by affinity, handled the topic “Mercantile Law.”

Provincial DOLE Officer Gerry Guidaben completed the cast. The erstwhile Kabataang Barangay provincial federation president discussed the “Labor Code of the Philippines.”

James Ll. Mabilin, municipal manpower development and placement officer, facilitated the whole proceedings.

Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. thru Senior Municipal Councilor Fructuoso Redulla, Jr. who acted as the OIC-mayor at the time, profusely thanked Judge Baluma and his peers for the rare opportunity given to the town in dishing out free legal services to their constituents.

PPDO Conducts A Comprehensive Development Planning Workshop with Maribojoc CLUP TWG

MARIBOJOC – A Comprehensive Development Planning (CDP) Workshop was held in this municipality last November 10 & 11 at the Parola Hall, San Juan, Poblacion, Maribojoc.

Members of the technical working group created for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) formulation participated in a two-day workshop facilitated by the Provincial Planning and De

velopment Office (PPDO). PPDO Coordinator Atty. John Titus J. Vistal headed the PPDO sectoral heads who assisted the participants.

On the first day, the department heads, office heads, and sectoral point persons of the local government unit (LGU) reviewed and validated their SWOT outputs. They identified the data gaps and proceeded to the prioritization of the prevailing development issues.

The workshop participants also revisited the identified development concerns in the Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) of Maribojoc as well as in the Poverty Data-based Monitoring System.

The group was able to come up with key development issues, goals, objectives, targets and strategies. The vision, mission, and goals (VMG) of the municipality were also discussed. The second workshop focused on determining strategy statements basing on the development concerns.

Engr. Ronilita Bunado, PPDO Environment Development sectoral head, gave a technical input on land use accounting during the second day. The final workshop for the participants was a formulation of a 10-year sectoral development plans and programs for the municipality.

Project Development and Monitoring Unit head, Roger Alegado, facilitated the two-day activity duly assisted by Crisologo Usaraga, Ma. Imelda Borromeo, Engr. Rodrigo Arocha, and Engr. Bunado.

Municipal Councilor Fructuoso Redulla, Jr., who represented Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr., w

as optimistic that the CLUP output of the LGU would be something that the people will be proud of as it went through an intricate process.

Atty. Vistal shared his appreciation on the unparalleled cooperation of the LGU. He was confident with the kind of output the technical working group has provided ever since. Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Yanie Chiu ably assists the CLUP process. # amjvistal

47 LGU Maribojoc Employees Attend PMS-OPES Seminar-Workshop

MARIBOJOC – 47 employees of the local government of Maribojoc attended a two-day Performance Management System and Office Performance Evaluation System (PMS -OPES) Seminar-Workshop last November 5 and 6. The participants were composed of department heads and heads of offices, as well as contractual and job order personnel who had specific work outputs.

The PMS-OPES training conducted at the Parola Hall, San Juan, Poblacion, Maribojoc tapped Florita Olegario and Florita Amaga-Evasco of the local government of Davao City as resource persons. Olegario is the Training Division head of the Human Resource department, while Evasco is the Acting Assistant Local Chief Registrar.

The two-day seminar workshop, which tackled on the PMS-OPES as the new way of managing performance in civil service, finally pushed through due to the persistence of Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. to hold the activity for the LGU workforce.

The PMS-OFES uses the point system that will measure the collective performance of individuals within an operating unit. It simplifies the performance evaluation/measurement process and provides an objective and user-friendly performance management system.

The legal basis for the Installation of PMS-OPES in the local government is the Civil Service Commissions’ (CSC) Memorandum Circular No. 7, series of 2007 directing all government agencies to install the PMS-OPES.

In his welcome message, Mayor Evasco emphasized to the 47 training participants the significance of service to the people. He said it was time that the employees of the local government prioritize tangible results and public accountability. Evasco added that government service should now be for people who are willing to serve in an honest to goodness way.

On the first half of the first training day, MPDC Ma. Nenita Chiu presented the town’s vision, mission & goals, and the Executive Legislative Agenda. Amaga-Evasco then facilitated a workshop on the common tested excuses made by government employees for not being accountable of a certain task.

Olegario discussed the concepts of the PMS-OPES and conducted a workshop on the formulation of the OPES Reference Table. A critiquing of the workshop outputs facilitated by Amaga-Evasco later followed.

On the second day, Olegario initiated a workshop on the formulation of the work and financial plan for the PMS-OPES. Also thoroughly discussed by the two resource persons were the performance management system cycle and its corresponding forms.

Acting Human Resource Management Officer Maria Lita Valles-Campos coordinated the activity. The pilot testing of the PMS-OPES in Maribojoc will commence on January 2010. # amjvistal

Deo Maureen Reyes Chiu Turns 18

MARIBOJOC – Deo Maureen Reyes Chiu recently celebrated her 18th birthday last November 3 through a Debutante’s Ball at the historical Punta Cruz Watch Tower and Complex in Barangay Punta Cruz, Maribojoc, Bohol.

Deo Maureen or Debbie to her family was presented to the Maribojoc community by her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Deodato Jr. and Ma. Nenita R. Chiu of Poblacion, Maribojoc. The debutante is currently a 2nd year nursing student of the University of Bohol (UB), and likewise an alumnus of the Tagbilaran City Science High School (TCSHS) in Mansasa, Tagbilaran City.

Debbie’s escort was her first-degree cousin, Joseph Florence R. Raagas, while the members of her Cotillion Court included cousins, former classmates at the TCSHS, UB classmates and close friends.

Debbie’s 18 roses were Carlo Christopher Lelis, Dan Bryelle Balansag, Daryl Victor Tan, Elpidio Chiu III, Johndel Dunting, John Carlos Romea II, John Titus Jungao, Mon Geryll Moncano, Nickson Felix Epe, Fete Rian Valles, Noel Alcoseba, Roland Ostos, Cromwel Vincent Redulla, Nicklous Batausa, Joseph Arangoso, Jr., Albryann Elliot Redillas, Ralph Torrejos, and Randy Torrejos.

The ladies in her cotillion court were Catalina Caseñas, Kristine Silva, Justine Ocdenaria, Marife Olaer, Maria Lucille Colarte, Hanna Lyn Morgia, Christine Lungay, Chile May Jabines, Hazel Marie Echavez, Joyce Marie Arangoso, Belle Frances Reselosa, Karisma Jesusa Romea, Faith Bernadette Descallar, Ma. Mediatrix Escabarte, Jennifer Melecio, Pamela Belderol, Jemaimah Grace Cabanig and Catherine Bunao. They lighted the 18 candles to resemble the 18 lights that will serve as guidance to the debutante as she makes her transition to the status of a full-grown woman.

Debbie’s younger cousins and relatives gave her 18 balloons as a sign of their warm affection for their Ate Debb and a reminder of her happy and memorable experiences in her childhood. The balloons were warmly given by Fete Rhia Anne Valles, Jomarie Shaina Chiu, Jenice Rolene Chiu, Kelly Corraine dela Veña, Mary Courtney Arcaya, Joshuah Chiu, Val Vincent Valles, Karl Vincent Salgados, Venus Venedelle Valles, Loraine Juliana Suan, January Escabarte, Kaylee Margaux Echavia, Kayrene Marielle Echavia, Marck Stephen Percy, Ma. Laila Morgia, Ivan Angelo Valles, and Christine Angel Antivo.

The 18 symbolic treasures, who were mostly family friends, relatives, godmothers and godfathers, offered their gifts to the debutante. They were Ma. Corazon Raagas, Ramonita Campos, Francisco Chiu, Cecilia Autentico, Joselito Valles, Dolores Reyes, Segundo Chiu, Belito Pedro Chiu, Fe Redulla, Josefina Ocdenaria, Adolfo Nabuya, Julita Mananguit, Engr. Epifania Tiongco, Nerio Concon, Nelson Chiu, Aurea Valles, and Abeth Magdoza.

Siblings Rosemarie Campos and Christian Campos hosted the debutante’s ball that started at 7:00 p.m. Nenes Rebosura and Jamyr Bañanola led the singing of the invocatory song, The Prayer.

Debbie’s parents, Deodato Jr. ‘Didie’ and Ma. Nenita ‘Yanie’, gave a welcome message expressing their heartfelt gratitude for everyone who came. They also conveyed their appreciation to all their relatives and friends who composed the working committees for the debutante ball. Didie and Yanie were both teary-eyed when they shared to the guests the growing up years of Debbie and the values they both shared with their only daughter.

Members of the Cotillion Court, the Family, the Escort, and the Debutante were presented thereafter. The hosts also introduced the debutante’s grandmother or AMA, Luisa Chiu. Escort Joseph Florence R. Raagas made a toast in honor of the debutante, followed by Charlotte E. Geñoso with the grace before meals.

While the guests were partaking their dinner, the debutante’s parents prepared a surprise video presentation for Debbie. After the dinner, her father Didie serenaded her with the song ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ before their father and daughter waltz dance. The Grand Cotillion Court Dance, presented by the 18 candles and the 18 roses, followed.

All 18 ladies gave their messages to the debutante’s during the lighting of the candles. Then everyone sang the traditional birthday song to the debutante together with the Major Plus Choir. After the blowing of the candles and the slicing of the cake, the balloon ceremony and the presentation of the 18 treasures followed.

The night was capped by the debutante’s meaningful message. Debbie shared her personal insights on her life, the lesson’s her parents imparted to her, and the people whom she has learned to love and value through the years. # mai