Maribojoc tourism boom eyed

MARIBOJOC. Mayor Boy Evasco is bullish to develop this, coastal town into a major tourists’ stop following his inventory of possible areas for development,

He cited four sites to be studied for development, namely: the San Vicente mangrove board walk, the Postan Forest in barangay Cabawan near Abatan River, the Bulok-bulok Spring and the Candelaria Forest.

The existing board walks which need upgrading will become the home of eco-tourism lovers who wish to plant mangrove during their visits while the Candelaria Forest is deal for mountain trekking.

The Bulok-bulok Spring can easily become the site of an “indoor splash” resort where several pools can camouflage with the greeneries toward man-made lake.

Mayor Evasco, meantime, commissioned Holy Name University to do a master plan for the development of the historic Punta Cruz Watch Tower.

Evasco, who has long time been the “trouble shooter” of Davao Mayor Duterte is back in his hometown to unload his experience and expertise which the town needs in tracking its road for development.

In a recent site inspection, the or invited Prov’l Tourism Chair Peter Dejaresco to the mangrove plantation where the board walk is presently being managed by the San Vicente Mangrove Association. He said the boardwalk will soon undergo upgrading including the construction of rest huts where tourist can make their “native merienda” prepare by the town folks working under the umbrella of cooperation. However, the LGU will still work out an agreement with the lot owners to have the area at the end of the board walk fully developed into a view deck facing the seas off Maribojoc Bay.

“The proximity of this town to Tagbilaran makes it very ideal for a major tourism development.” The PTC chair told the major while citing the gigantic plan of Rep. Edgar Chatto for the development of the Abatan River Tour of which Maribojoc is one of the important players.

The municipal tourism council will soon be commissioned to spearhead this development plan, the mayor concluded while preparing his sales blitz trip to the United States late this year.

NEO orientation forges exec-legislative harmony

The two-day orientation for the Newly-Elected Officials (NEOs) has helped strengthen the team-build up between the executive and the legislative branches of the local government units here.

The orientation training for NEOs and department heads sponsored by the Department (DILG) was held Monday and Tuesday last week at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall.

DILG personnel briefed the town officials on their respective tasks and responsibilities in an effort to deliver public service to the constituents.

The seminar also paved for complete reconciliation between Mayor Boy Evasco and Vice Mayor Ben Redulla who were affiliated with the opposing political parties during the last elections.

The issues and concerns identified to be needing immediate attention of the town leaders include the anti-rabies campaign, dengue outbreak, protection from waterborne diseases, campaign for sanitary toilets, blood-type in the barangays, Philhealth coverage for all, Botika sa Barangay, deputization of barangay captains as building inspectors, effective utilization of 20 percent development fund to support projects.

The percent administration considers it a priority to focus on these issues and the revival of arts and culture, sports development, effective waterworks system, mangrove plantation, planning of more tress, and public safety.

Mayor Ecasco personally go around the town every night to assure the maintenance of peace and order as he bats for more police visibility, especially in the evening. (Fred C. Fuertes)

PPA allocates P58-M for Maribojoc harbor

MARIBOJOC – As if a phoenix, the long-dead centuries-old wharf here will soon rise again through a whooping P58-million funding from the Philippine Ports Authority, to eventually convert this sleepy fifth-class town into a metropolis.

The Maribojoc Alternate Port (MAP) has been designed to decongest the Tabilaran City Tourism Port.

The centuries-old wharf will be converted into a roro port to compliment President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s nautical highway program, according to PPA Assistant General Manager for Engineering Claro Maranan.

The cementing work on the road form the national highway leading to the port’s lighthouse is now on its preliminary stage.

In a meeting Wednesday afternoon, Engr. Maranan told Governor Erico Aumentado, who was still on leave, and Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. that PPA will earmark P58 million to finance the project.

Aumentado, through Provincial Engineering Edwin Vallejos, facilitated the release of about P3 million for the project.

First District Rep. Edgar Chatto will contribute, from his pork barrel, P18.6 million.

Upon instruction of PPA General Manager Oscar Sevilla, Maranan checked the ports in Bohol after attending the Bohol Day celebration as one of the recipients of the Datu Sikatuna Award.

He was accompanied by Governor Aumentado, PPA-Bohol Manager Manuel Boholano and PPA-Ubay boss Johnny Arawitan.

This town was the last leg of their travel before Maranan boarded a plane to Manila.

The once bustling Maribojoc wharf was the lone point of entry to Bohol since a few years after World War II until the incumbency of the later former Mayor Jacinto Rubillar when it was demolished.

The shipping companies then, Compania Maritima and Everette Lines, used to ply Manila and Mindanao routes from Bohol.

In fact, Spanish architecture was evident in the buildings at the port area which were demolished during Rubillar’s time.

The opening of the Tubigon, Tagbilaran, Jagna, Ubay and Talibon ports came later.

Maribojoc ABC treats outgoing brgy heads

MARIBOJOC- SUFFRAGE well guarded ushered in dead barangay and Sangguaniang Kabataan (SK) elections in this town which called the reason for the sort-of congratulatory despedida party outgoing barangay members courtesy of the Association of Barangay Council (ABC).

It was on the occasion that Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr, had an opportunity to personally express to the barangay officials, his elation on the outcome of the October 19 elections. He was the guest speaker in the despideda party and program dedicated 15 outgoing ABC members whose terms expire on November 30.

In his speech, the mayor told the 22 barangay leaders, headed by ABC president Pedro Madaje Sir., that of the 35 aspirant who joined the political exercise, 97 percent “toe the line” as far as the covenant for dead and honest elections is concerned.

In the same forum, Vice Mayor Gabino Redulla, Councilors Fructuoso Redulla Jr., Cecilia Autentico, and Gumersindo Arocha delivered their respective inspirational messages.

Provincial Board Members Jose Veloso and Alfonso Damalerio II, and First District Representative Edgar Challto’s chief of staff, Billy Tongco also graced the occasion. Barangay Captain Diosdado Descallar was the master of ceremony.

Madaje, the outgoing ABC chief, failed to hold back his tears as he expressed his profound gratitude to his colleagues for their support and cooperation to his 6-month leader ship as Liga head.

He took over the reign of Arocha who bid and won as municipal councilor in the May elections. Madaje, who had also been a two- term municipal councilor in the 80s. Dipatlong Barangay Captain Hermes Cimafranca will temporarily assume his post until a new head of the LIGA ng mga Barangay will be chosen.

Mayors fear lesser IRA after census

DISENFRANCHISEMENT of smaller town’s this is what Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr.’s feared as a result of the recent 2007 census of population conducted by the National Statistics Office nationwide .

Mayor Evasco, who used to administer the country’s bigges city told mayors gathered during the regular League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Meeting at the JJs Sea foods Wednesday that small local government units could be at the losing end of the line if census enumerators adhere to the survey guidelines. The recent survey guidelines allegedly ask the enumerators to list only the people who have established daily residence in the place, Evasco shared.

“While I told my enumerators in a meeting not to cheat, I also asked them to be liberal in their interpretation of the survey guidelines,” Evasco said. By this, a barangay resident who studies or works in cities and major centers or while staying there most of the time could be listed as city resident and his barangay could lose him, Evasco explained.

The LMP in general share the same apprehension. Just Mayor Evasco wants the organization. To cope with a position paper on this, LMP President and Jagna Mayor Exuperio Lloren says the LMP could formally request the NSO to liberally interpret the guidelines in favor of the amaller local government units.

The fear is rooted primarily on the relative effect of population in the determination of the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), Dimiao Mayor Sylvia Adame confirmed during the plenary of the regular LMP meeting. IRA is the annual share local government units get from the proceeds of the national internal revenues generated from taxes, a share that is determined by the number of people the local government is supposed to serve and the land area it is maintain.

“The result actually is more IRA for the cities who have more, while smaller local government units could end up with less IRA shares, the former Davao City administrator hinted. With the possible decreases in population in smaller LGUS due to strict adherence to the census guidelines, smaller units may be lost, he added, Bohol Governor Erico Aumentado said when LGUs are so dependent on the IRA, the National Statistic and Coordination Board should also look at the issues raised here. With the issues, the governor, who is leaving for Manila volunteered to hand-carry the LMP resolution to the proper authorities? (Rachiu/PIA)

DILG trains new local officials

MARIBOJOC- The newly-installed Officials and department heads of this coastal municipality will attend a two-day orientation course at the Sangguniang Bayan session hall tomorrow and Tuesday.

Co-sponsored by the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the local government unit, the orientation program is aimed at the following objectives: a) to familiarize the local officials on their respective duties function; b) to understand the current local state of development; and c) to come up with a term-based development road map consistent with the current development agenda of the national and provincial governments.

The subject matter areas to be tackled in two-day gab include the following: Newly-Elected Officials Road Map and FEET Program; Sources of Power and Leadership; Officials Function of Newly-Elected Officials; The first 100 days; Aligning with the national Vision and Super Regions; Bohol 10-Point Agenda; JMC on Rationalized Planning System; SLGR Framework; SLGR Presentation; Budgeting; Executive-Legislative Agenda; and YOU Tube.

The trainors, facilitators and resource speakers follow: MLGOOs Victor Lapiz Jr., Sharon Marimon, Franklin Medequiso, Corazon Evangelista, and Provincial Budget Officer Valeria Orig, Engr. Ronilita Bunado and Engr. Ma. Nenita Reyes chiu, the town’s municipal planning and development coordinator.

During the opening programs, Vice Mayor Ben Redulla will give the welcome address while Mayor Leoncio “Boy” Evasco Jr. will deliver the main message. Mayor Evasco will also give the parting words during the closing program.

Maribojoc launches trees for life program

MARIBOJOC – Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. launched Thursday the Trees for life Program.

Through Executive Order No. 10, series of 2007, dated September 27, 2007, the town executive created the Maribojoc trees for Life Program (MT4LP) Management Board.

The creation of the new board is in conjunction with Gov. Erico Aumentado’s Executive Order No. 09, series of 2007, which mandates the beautification and greening of Bohol’s national and provincial highways and establishment of municipal pocket forests.

The program will also go a long way in enhancing vegetative cover in denuded and sloping areas particularly in identified watersheds as part of soil and water conservation measures.
Mayor Evasco chairs the board while Vice Mayor Ben Redulla serves as the vice-chair. The membership includes the chairmen of the SB Committee on Tourism and Beautification and SB Committee on Resolutions and Ordinances; president of the Parish Pastoral Council; school principal; barangay captains of the town’s 22 barangas; PTCA federation president; and municipal planning and development coordinator,

The management board is tasked to prepare the development plan for the Trees for Life Program. It will also conduct information drives to generate active support and participation of the citizenry.

Furthermore, tree wardens will be designated in each barangay to ensure proper care and maintenance of planted trees and protection from stray animals, vandals and others.