Maribojocanons witness Pacquiao – Diaz duel live

MARIBOJOC – The pro- people stance of Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. surface anew Sunday when, for the second time, local boxing aficionados from all walks of life were treated to a blow-by-blow account of the one-sided classic ring duel of Filipino boxing icon Many Pacquiao and dethroned world lightweight King David Diaz via the facilities of pay-per-view at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center, this town.

The Pacquiao-Marquez fight was also seen live at the same venue last recently. Grassroots sports development program is one of the major thrusts of the Evasco administration. It may be recalled that in coordination with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), City Mayor Dan Neri Lim and Gov. Erico Aumentado, the national coaches of the PSC hit this coastal municipality last May 14 to 18, this year, to train local coaches and stakeholders from this town and neighboring Tagbilaran City the basic rudiments of 10 sports discipline which included the unique dragon boat racing.

The city government footed the meals of the national trainors and participants alike while the provincial government extended vehicular and lodging support to the PSC bigwigs. The scenic Abatan River will soon be the venue of dragon boat racing and kayaking come Sinulog days, Evasco proudly bared.

Another proof of Evasco’s concern for the poor people and perchance for economic measure were shown during the pre-fiesta nightly presentations late April and early May, this year. For the first time in the history of this history-rich community no entrance fees were exacted in the nightly shows and not a single centavo was taken from the coffers of the municipality to finance the undertakings. The infamous SOP is a thing of the past in the present dispensation.

Donations poured in from foreign sources, Metro Manila areas and far-off Davao City where Evasco for three consecutive terms used to lord over as City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s chief of staff and city engineer. A former member of the Bohol clergy, Toloy, as he is fondly called by his close kinds and friends, went to the hills to combat the dreaded and notorious Marcos conjugal dictatorship. His captivity in the foothills of Mt. Apo led to his interlude with the famous city mayor who was then the fiscal who prosecuted the political prisoner. Acquitted from the case after suffering military brutalities, Duterte tapped him when the letter, the son of a former governor, threw his hat into the political arena.

Evasco was then the main strategist in all political exercises where his former prosecutor emerged victorious. The rest is history. (FCF)

Riverside spruce-up boots Maribojoc enterprise dev’t

MARIBOJOC – The spruce up of the riverside here caters to floating cottages, adventure activities, and art and crafts marketing leads to the development of a new project up for opening this week to encourage livelihood enterprise.

The new projects envision to providing a mechanism to encourage Maribojochanon entrepreneurs and craft persons to develop and market their products and services for specific demands. The project intends to help propel Maribojoc’s development to a faster pace through a sustainable approach.

It aims to showcase Maribojoc’s products, crafts, services and adventures sites and activities through period exhibits, mini-fairs, livelihood demonstrations, home stays, floating markets, display and other appropriate marketing media. Spearheaded by the Maribojocanon enterprise team (MET), a newly-organized group of entrepreneurs here, the project’s initial activity will be a riverside floating studio café and traditional massage near the Abatan Bridge, according to MET coordinator Lourdes Tan Endo.

The floating nipa huts are made of natural bamboo materials with design inspired by floating villages in Mindanao and other Southeast Asean countries, she added. There will be free traditional massage and reflexology services on June 24, from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the riverside café and floating massage site near Abatan Bridge in Abatan, Lincod, according to said James Mabilin, placement officer of the Manpower Development and Employment Services, one of the project’s coordinating offices.

The Office of the Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. has endorsed MET’s use of the livelihood center in connection with the project called, “Developing, Showcasing and Marketing Maribojoc crafts, Traditional services and Adventure activities”, subject to certain conditions. In a letter dated June 10, 2008, Mayor Evasco said that the use is temporary since its original purpose, which is to serve as display and demonstration area for products and processes of the handicraft industry of Maribojoc, “should be upheld at all times, and that cleanliness and sanitation be maintained”.

In a talk with MET representatives, Vice-Mayor Gabino Redulla also favored the project, noting that the center’s original suppliers of handicrafts should be tapped.

Evasco fuming at Supt. Jala

MARIBOJOC – In defense of his constituents against what he suspects as nepotism or “palakasan” system in the appointment of a supervising principal of public school here to the disadvantage of his constituents who are also eyeing for the position, Fuming in anger, Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. let loose of the words, “Ga-hala-hala ni si Jala (Jala has been reckless).”

This was after he read Thursday, a photocopy of a letter of designation for a certain Neciforo Suric to assume as supervising principal here. The mayor said Jala violated the ranking system of the Deparment of education in designating Suric.

This as Evasco knew that Suric only ranks 56th while Dr. Dedication Bumaat Saguran, Ph.D., ranks 8th and Melueda Pantollana Escabarte ranks 16th. Moreover, both Saguran and Escabarte, who hail from this town, also eye for the position. On this, they both cried foul, expressing protest at the Mayor’s Office.

“If Jala does not follow the ranking system, what happens to the values we want to instill among teachers in the effort to achieve efficiency and quality education” she said. While, Evasco emphasized that he is not intervening with DepEd affairs, he explained that his constituents should not be made victims of a “palakasan” system.

At present, Dr. Saguran is the OIC principal of Sta. Cruz Elementary School; While Escabarte is OIC principal of Central Elementary School, both in Poblacion area.“The assignment of Neciforo Suric in Maribojoc as the supervisor of Bumaat and Escabarte is a slap on the face of Maribojocanons, ” according to the mayor. (Boy Descallar)