2 golds, 2 silvers Maribojoc boxers’ Katigbawan feat

CATIGBIAN-Four young boxers from Maribojoc, under the tutelage of Municipal Boxing Coordinator Jeremias Gentallan, recently bagged two gold medals and two silver medals during the fiesta boxing tournament on June 13-15 here.

The exchange of punches was one of the highlights in the 60th foundation day celebration of this “once sleepy town” that has now become a bustling niche of developmental activities.

June 13 saw Kenneth Paul Gentallan as he shrunk a Candijay boxer in three rounds.

It was followed by the victory of Rommel Hibaya who outsmarted a rival from Ubay.

Sith Gentallan sent his opponent from Panglao to the canvas in the second round, prompting the referee to stop the game.

Shane Gentallan followed suit by defeating his foe in a game which was decided in his favor.

On championship night last June 15, the young pugilists from San Roque, Maribojoc met their townmates in the search for gold and silver medals.

Rommel Hibaya defeated Kenneth Paul Gentallan to snatch the gold, while Shane Gentallan defeated Sith Gentallan to earn another gold medal.

Kenneth Paul Gentallan and Sith Gentallan went home with a silver medal each.(fcf) – June 28, 2009

Maribojoc Pugilists Shine at Katigbawan Festival

CATIGBIAN – Four youthful boxers of Maibojoc under the tutelage of Municipal Boxing Coordinator Jeremias “Loloy” Gentallan, recently bagged two gold medals and two silvers medals during the June 13-15 boxing tournament here.

The exchange of boxing blows was one of the highlights of the 60th foundation day of this “once sleepy town” which is bustling now with developmental activities.

June 13 saw Kenneth Paul Gentallan outboxed a Candijay boxer in three rounds. It was followed by the victory of Rommel Hibaya who outsmarted a rival from Ubay.

Sith Gentallan floored his opponent from Panglao in the second round which prompted the referee to stop the game.

Shane Gentallan followed suit by defeating his foe in a game which was decidedin his favor.

On the championship night last June 15, the young pugilists from San Roque, Maribojoc town met their townmets in the search for gold and silver medals.

Rommel Hibaya defeated Kenneth Paul Gentallan to snatch the gold. While Shane Gentallan outboxed Sith Gentallan to earn another gold medal.

Kenneth Paul Gentallan & Sith Gentallan went home with a silver medal each. (fcf) – June 21, 2009

Maribojoc town eyes P42-M water system

MARIBOJOC– “Water for all” was how Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco Jr. described the eyed P42 million waterworks system here.

Dr. Rafael Apostol, consultant for the municipality’s waterworks improvement project, presented on June 17 the details of the eyed bacteria free potable water for the whole municipality.

Apostol, who was the administrator of Luwa during Cory Aquino’s presidency, was the main speaker during a consultative meeting at the Sangguniang Bayan session hall last week.

In attendance were SB Member Fructuoso Redulla Jr. and other municipal councilors, the 22 barangay captains in the municipality and the chairpersons of different people organizations.

Earlier, Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. explained the need to improve the town’s waterworks system into a sustainable project which will cater to the water needs of the entire municipality.

Dr. Apostol also presented the price scheme once the project will be fully operational. Gray areas were settled after some participants raised concerns on the feasibility of the program which Mayor Evasco dubbed as “Water for All.”

Found to be losing venture during previous municipal administrators, it took Evasco’s political will to turn a dismal project into an income generating one.

The effective collection of water revenues propelled the coastal municipality into a fourth class town after the dynamic mayor directed the personnel of the waterworks a department to cause the disconnection of water sources after a clientele fail to fulfill the contents of their promissory notes.

One of Evasco’s official acts when he took over the mayoralty seat was to create the Municipal Waterworks Management Office and installed Ricardo Nacorda and experienced self made plumber as manager.

With the project’s full operation in December this year, the perennial water problem of the town populace will be a thing in the past.(fcf) – June 21, 2009

Clarin ousts MTC in 2nd encounter tourney

CLARIN- The Clarin Tennis Club, (CTC) enjoying power and precision Tennis, humbled anew Sunday the victory conscious Maribojoc Tennis Club (MTC) at the Clarin Tennis Court and Clarin Sports and Cultural Center, this town.

The return match of the two racquet- weilding team resulted in a 6-4 finish for the host club. One game resulted to a tie ending.

The Clarinians headed by CTC President Bobit Lungay and clarin sports patron, Sr. Municipal Councilor Fel Alison, welcomed their guests at 9:30 a.m. with a simple opening rites.

MTC President Deddie Chiu responded in behalf of the Maribojocanons and introduced his players to the host club members.

The Presidential Match featuring Maribojoc’s Maj. Sustines Corre – Engr. Romy Manuta versus Clarin’s Junbits and Jerome tandem, was a one-sided affair. Clarin led all the way until the 8-6 ending.

The other Clarin victories follow: Narding Amihan – Felix Estillore defeated Abraw Arocha – Melvin Briones, 8-5; Jerson Emperio- Dondon Mejares d. Provincial Board Member Jovel Veloso – Loloy Dumandan, 8-5; Engr. Gregorio – Samuel Carcallas d. Janjan Cornito – Onoy Cantoneros, 8-5; Jinky Dultra – Kokoy Cantero d. Dodong Chiu – Jerry Putian, 8-3; and Dr. Alfredo Niones – Alcor Orillon d. Ranyl Jabines – Janjan Cornito, 8-1.

The Maribojoc wins were: Ranyl Jabines – Ryan Tinajora d. Rene Mar – Otek Hangadlangit, 8-1; Joseph Logroño – Ranyl Jabines d. Bobit Lungay – Dondon Mejares, 8-4. Paul Gelig – Loloy Dumandan d. Nestor Mejares – Norman Mejares, 8-5; and Mayong Redillas – Ryan Tinajora d. Al Bagolor – Fel Alison, 8-5.

The thrill-packed game played by Maribojoc’s Mike Turco and Graz Echavez versus Clarin’s Hora and Enterido ended in a draw 7- all.

The MTC tennisters thru Prexy Deddie Chiu thanked the CTC racquet weilders for their hospitality and sumptuous meal.(fcf) – June 21, 2009

Evasco bares 3 pet projects

MARIBOJOC – “Pangandoy ko nga matuman dinhi sa Maribojoc kining tulo ka mga dagkong proyekto.”

Thus, Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., stressed before some 1,000 residents of Cabawan who joined the 17th Mobile Barangay Service Caravan held at the Cabawan Elementary School stage and ground.

The three priority projects are: a) PHILHEALTH Coverage for all; b) Land Titles for the townspeople; and c) Potable water in all barangays of this history-rich coastal municipality.

Incentive agricultural programs were offered to the people – PHILHEALTH Card for every person who raises three kinds of vegetables and three varieties of trees.

On the same occasion the dynamic former chief of staff of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, trained his guns on Engr. Elmer Fudalan, who entered into a contract with the Municipal Government during the incumbency of then Mayor Ben Redulla but failed in his survey trail. Evasco congratulated the Cabawan folks for being lucky to have Engr. Antonio Dominguez as their contractor. Evasco bared that all barangays under Fudalan’s survey jurisdiction shall be taken over by the DENR with its Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP).

The last good news Mayor Evasco revealed to the barangay residents is – “very soon, the problem about water will be a thing of the past.”

The municipality has hired the services of a top-notch consultant- Dr. Rafael Apostol. With the impending release of a loan from the Millennium Development Goal Fund of the Department of Finance, Potable water will soon be available anywhere in Maribojoc. “We don’t need anymore to buy mineral water for then the water that sprouts from the faucet are safe for drinking,” Evasco stressed.

A brainchild of Mayor Evasco the Mobile Barangay Service Caravan is the sign to bring the municipal government closer to the people.(fcf) – June 14, 2009

Dipatlong hosts 21st Brgy. Service Caravan

MARIBOJOC – Barangay Dipatlong is the 21st recipient of the Mobile Barangay Service Caravan (MBSC), a project designed by Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. to bring the municipal government closer to the people.

“This service caravan is our way of repaying you for religiously paying your taxes and other financial obligations to the municipal government, “ Evasco always stressed, this fact in all the caravans he had the chance to talk to the people in the grassroots level.

Dipatlong Punong Barangay Hermes Cimafranca welcomed the government functionaries and his constituents during lasf Friday’s opening program which marked the 21st edition of this laudable program.

On the other hand, those who explained to the barangay populace the various programs, projects and activities of the municipality included Sr. Municipal Councilor Fructuoso Redulla. Jr., Councilor Zeus Descallar, Councilor Gualberto “Macky” Melecio, Tourism Officer Mary Annie G. Jabines, Municipal Agriculturist Eva Bolasco, Assessor Melonita Remperas, Forest Ranger Tomas Torrefranca, Municipal Treasurer Anastacia Arocha, MENRO Lucas Echavia, Jr., LAMP Community Organizer Cecil Descallar, Waterworks Manager Ricardo Nacorda and LIga ng mga Barangay (ABC) President Marcelino Dapiton, fresh from his study tour in Thailand.

The local government functionaries also extended to the Dipatlonganons medical services and free medicines: seeds and planting materials; Sr. Citizens and Philhealth IDs; dog vaccinations; elimination of stray dogs and all forms of technical assistance including supplemental feeding for children and adults alike.

Poblacion is the last target barangay of this service caravan.(fcf) – June 14, 2009

DepEd brass urges youth’s involvement

MARIBOJOC – Division Strengthening the Implementation of Visayas Education (STRIVE) Coordinator Fe Salera Genabe urged Friday the youth to get involve in striving for the progress of their respective communities and cooperate in Mayor Leoncio Evasco’s programs geared towards converting Maribojoc into a more progressive town.

She was the guest speaker of the municipality’s celebration of the 111th anniversary of Philippine Independence.

The DepEd official, who rose from the rank as a classroom teacher up to her present designation as head of the division’s STRIVE, discoursed on the celebration’s theme – “Kagitingan, Kagalingan at Kasipagan Tungo sa Tunay na Kalayaan.”

Genabe emphatically told her audience: “We cannot avoid apprehensiveness but if only all of us are challenged and will live up to the theme of today’s celebration: “Kagitingan, Kagalingan at Kasipagan Tungo sa Tunay na Kalayaan, then our doubts and fears for our future will be thrown away.”

Mayor Evasco on the other hand, posed this question to his audience: “Are we really independent?” He retraced history when the Philippines was sold by Spain to the United States for P20 million.

The town chief executive who turned into a rebel priest during the martial law years, stressed that “we should be culturally independent to attain economic and political independence”.

The other speakers were Municipal Councilor Zeus Descallar, Councilor Cel Autentico who introduced the guest speaker, and Coucilor Reynaldo “Liling” Villas who closed the program.

Fr. Warren Abarquez delivered the Prayer for the Nation while Sr. Municipal Councilor Jun Redulla emceed the proceedings.

The Maribojoc Dance Ensemble under the tutelage of Councilor Villas, provided the intermission numbers.

Later in the afternoon Mayor Evasco inducted into office the officers of the Maribojoc Public School Teachers Association (MPTSA) headed by DepEd mentor Judito Alcala at the AupAup Videoke Bar, Port Area, this town.(fcf)

June 14, 2009

Maribojoc LGU Officials welcomes new parish vicars

MARIBOJOC – The partnership of local church and state was strengthened Tuesday when Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco Jr., personally led his staff officials and functionaries in welcoming newly-installed parish priest and parish vicar-Fathers Warren Abarquez and Faustino Bisol, at Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center.

In his speech, Mayor Evasco express his sentiment with the present scheme of reassigning clergymen were “protocol was properly observed he recalled priestly days when he assume his new assignment in Baclayon where the then Father Juan De dios Pueblos “now bishop of Diocese of Butuan” delivered him to the Immaculate Concepcion Parish on board on a motorcycle.

“That’s also the same transportation I took when I was reassigned to Dauis,” he revealed. “This time, it was father Boboy Corsu who gave me the lift,” the former priest who also went underground on Marcos regime.

There was a controversy surrounding every assignment being assistant Diocesan Social Coordinator “his boss, Father Nic Ruiz also joined the movement”, he was sent to Baclayon by the late Bishop Manuel Mascarinas to troubleshoot, together with Father Neri, the feud that existed between the parishioners under parish vicar whom the accused of selling antique church properties.

He was also sent to Dauis to help solve, together with the then Father Cirilo Darunday Jr. the animosity that existed between Mayor Carmelo Cimafranca and Father Romeo Dompor.

Later, with nobody wanted to be assigned in Ba-ang Evasco volunteered to be reassigned there at.

On the same occasion, Mayor Evasco presented to Fr. Abarquez salient features of the LGU Economic Profile and introduce his Vice Mayor, The Sangguniang Bayan Members, Brgy. Captains and Kagawads in attendance, Department Heads and Chiefs of Offices.

“I welcome you here because starting today you are my constituents just as I am also your parishioner as far as church-related functions are concern,” he stressed.

Though the Constitution mandates the separation of the church and states, Evasco explains the importance of teamwork between the two for the attainment of progress of the community.

“We serve the same people-the Maribohocanon” the former Davao City executive chief of staff averred.

In his response Fr. Abarquez express his elation over the Municipal Governmance, welcome gestures and vowed to go with the desires of the town chief executive.

He ended his short messages with the following lines that” I can learn to love you.”

His assistant parish priest, Fr. Bisol, amuse the audience with his humor field remarch” while I was called Nonoy in seminary you can call me here Fr. Tino, short for “Santino”, the top rated tv teleseries.

Former municipal councilor Isidro Mirontos, PPC chair, delivered the welcome message in behalf of the local church functionaries while BEC coordinator Gilda Veloso Bersalona, introduce the PPC and PFC officers, chapel presidents and officers of mandated religious organizations in attendance.

Vice Mayor Gabino Redulla welcome the guest and general public while senior municipal councilor Fructuoso Redulla delivered the closing statements.

The nationally famous Punta Cruz Cultural Collective open the program with their doxology. On the other hand the LGU ladies and the LGU choir rendered dance and choral numbers.

Lone lady municipal councilor Cecilia Pantollana Autentico served as the program host. (fcf). – June 7, 2009

Goodah outplays powerade

MARIBOJOC – Newly crowned Maribojoc Summer Basketball League champion Goodah came from behind Friday, last week to conquer Tiptip’s Powerade, 83-81, in their friendly exhibition match at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center, this town.

The exhibition game was arranged by MSBL Commissioner Edtot Tutor, Dodong Bangalao and Bobong Valles.

Coached by Coke staffer Willy Reloba, the Goodah basketeers relied on their mainstays – Joshua Genovia, Ruel Iyas, Rene Boy Dumandan, Frelon Poncardas and Mondale Echavez.

Relying on their standouts – top scorer Rolleta, Garduci, Bas, Sale, Sarayan and Torillo, Powerade engaged in a shooting spree at game’s start to enjoy an 11-point cushion, 40-29 at the end of the first half.

The Powerade dribblers continued their shooting rampage in the second half and increased their lead to 14 points, 64-50, when the buzzer signaled the end of the third quarter.

It appeared to be a one-sided affair going into the last canto. But with two minutes and 20 seconds left before regulation period, the Goodah shooters waxed hot and staged a rally that broke the tight defenses of Powerade.

Enjoying their first lead 71-70, what started as a one sided game turned into a see-saw battle as both teams alternately enjoyed the driver’s seat.

The spectators who witnessed the thrill packed game literally broke the house when Goodah was on the upper end when the buzzer last sounded.

The Goodah basketeers, fresh from their two game victory over rival Sesame St. in their recent summer league championship setto, won by a measlyl two-point margin, 83-81, at game’s end.

Top scorer of the night was Powerade’s Rolleta who garnered a game high 31 points to his credit.

The visiting Powerade cagers was coached by veteran bench mentor Jun Ceballos and managed by Jun Besa.(fcf) -June 7, 2009