Caravan team hits 14th brgy.

MARIBOJOC – The Mobile Barangay Service Caravan hit Thursday its 14th target barangay- Punsod, this town.

Various services were extended to the people – medical and dental services; supplemental feeding for malnourished children; immunization of dogs; distribution of seeds and seedlings of vegetables and trees; distribution of Sr. Citizens and Philhealth IDs; and information-education-communication campaign.

Punong Barangay Gregorio Duterte together with his Sannguniang Barangay, welcomed the LGU functionaries headed by Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr.

Aside from Mayor Evasco, those who shared their ideas to the people in the grassroots level included Engr. Ma. Nenita Reyes Chiu, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator; Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol, Municipal Health Officer; Eva Bolasco, Municipal Agricultural Officer; LAMP Adjudicator Moises Descallar; Municipal Treasurer Anastacia Arocha; Municipal Assessor Melonita Remperas; Waterworks Manager Ric Nacorda; Municipal Employment Officer James Mabilin.(fcf) – April 26, 2009

Tagbilaran wins Children’s Games

The 145-strong Tagbilaran City contingent clinched Saturday the general championship of the 1st Bohol Community Children’s Games 2009 held in this city and in Maribojoc and Loboc towns.

Tagbilaran excelled in athletics, basketball, football, badminton-singles for boys, table tennis-singles for boys, table tennis-singles for girls, table tennis-doubles for boys, table tennis-doubles for girls, table tennis-mixed doubles and taekwondo.

First runner-up Maribojoc clinched the championship in sipa, volleyball for boys and volleyball for girls and got second in basketball, chess, football and taekwondo.

Second runner-up Loay grabbed the championship in badminton-singles for girls, badminton-doubles for boys and badminton-doubles for girls and settled for second place in volleyball for boys and athletics.

Division Physical Education Supervisor Cirilo Calatrava and Dr. Clemen Jala awarded the trophies to the winners during the closing ceremonies and awarding rites Saturday afternoon.

The two-day sports hostilities was sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission. Fr. Vicente Uy, a Tagbilaranon, guested the opening program and declared the children’s Olympiad open. (fcf) – April 26, 2009

It’s a one-day serving in the Maribojoc fiesta

Maribojoc – Though the revelry is unlimited, Mayor Leoncio Evasco,Jr., Jr. batted for a one-day serving in this town’s feast day in honor of its patron saint – San Vicente Ferrer on May 5, this year.

This was also the proposal last year which got the nod of the townspeople – a proof of Mayor Evasco’s political will which always get the support of Maribojocanons. Evasco explained that this is timely as the people feel the pangs brought about by the global financial crisis.

At 9:30 Tuesday morning, Bishop Leonardo Medroso will be joined by clergymen of the Diocese of Tagbilaran and Maribojoc-born priests in a pontifical mass.

The revelry blasted off at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center last April 26 when the town’s Sangguniang Kabataan presented the 2nd SK Dance Attack. It was followed by the St. Vincent Institute. TOTAL performers on the night of April 27.

April 28 and 29 saw the faces and dances of Mance Ensembles and the Zero Velocity Dance Troupe of the Maribojoc DepEd teachers, respectively.

The famous Teban and Goliat from Cebu broke the house on April 30 while the comic duo of Dos Companeros entertained the Maribojocanons and their guests the following night.

The Maribojoc United Musicians strutted their ware with a music parade on May 2 followed by the ABC Night on May 3 where the now nationally famous Punta Cruz Cultural Collective offered to the seeing public their nationally-acclaimed dance drama entitled “Tawag sa Bantayan.”

The only nightly show which collects payment from the audience, courtesy of the Parish Pastoral Council will open its curtains on vesper night, May 4 – the concert of the Loboc Youth Ambassadors Band.

A live band concert dubbed “Screw” sponsored by Cell Mart and the Fiesta Execom will wind up the nightly shows on May 5.

A fluvial parade from the Punta Cruz beach area to the Maribojoc Alternate Port will take center stage on vesper day tomorrow. Upon reaching the port area, the devotees of San Vicente Ferrer will be joined by eight contingents who will participate in the 2nd Enting-Enting Festival, a street dance or Mardi Gras. The dancing participants will dance their way towards the Sta. Cruz Elementary School playground.

The MEDICAL mission under the tutelage of Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol, municipal health officer, and volunteer nurse Maria Ana Antequisa, offered a free Operation Tuli on April 26 and 29, this year.

People will long remember this year’s Fiesta Maribojoc Circa 2009.(fcf)

Fiesta Execom Bares Daytime Pre-fiesta Sked

MARIBOJOC – The executive organizing committee of the Maribojoc Fiesta 2009 bared Tuesday the daytime schedule of the pre-fiesta civic action programs and madri gras.

The Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center will be full with children come April 27 and 29 when a medical mission dubbed “Operation Tuli” will be administered by volunteer health workers headed by Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol, municipal health officer, and nurse Ana Maria Ramasola, project coordinator.

On vesper day, May 4, a fluvial parade will blast off at the famous Punta Cruz Watchtower beach area and wind up to the Maribojoc Alternate Port (MAP).From there, the Enting–Enting Festival, now on its second yeat of entertaining the public, will start towards the Sta. Cruz Elementary School playground, where eight contingents re-enact the life and miracles of Maribojoc’s revered patron saint – San Vicente Ferrer.

The madri gras street dancers include delegations from the Local Government Unit, San Juan Exaltacion, Kahayag, DepEd mentors, Busao, Pagnitoan and Lincod.

The project carries a total budget of P 318,000.00 Municipal Budget Officer Elizabeth Racho revealed.

The vesper entertainment winds up at 1:30 p.m. when the Crazy Riders Flat Ground wow the fiesta crowd with a bicycle exhibition at the Sta. Cruz Open Auditorium beside the centuries old San Vicente Shrine Chruch.

The executive organizing committee headed by Fr. Efren Dolauta, parish priest, and Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. They are assisted by Fr. Johnson “Borg” Ente, Asst. Parish Vicar, and Engr. Ma. Nenita Chiu, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator.

They banked on the support of Municipal Councilor Reynaldo Villas, Cultural and Civic Activities; Engr. Avelia A. de Vera, church and religious activities; Elizabeth Racho, finance; Mary Annie G. Jabines, solicitation and collection of donations; Isabelita Somozo, souvenir program; ABC President Marcelino Dapiton, streey decors, arches and streamers; Engr. Raul Bernard Jabines, utilities, physical upkeep and after care; Eva Bolasco, motorcade and fluvial parade; Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol, medical/first aid services; Police Inspector George Badon, peace and order; and this writer, publicity. (FCF)

Evasco Nagkighinabi sa Market Vendors

MARIBOJOC – Si Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. nakigkita niadtong miaging Sabado sa 102 ka mga sakop sa Maribojoc Market Vendors Association kinsa nagtigom sa sulod sa merkado publiko.

Usa sa gipanghisgotan ang kalinis ug kalimpyo sa maong dapit ug sa palibot niini. Gipahayag usab sa kugihang amahan sa lungsod ang kamahinungdanon sa kooperasyon ug pagtinabangay.

Ang mga opisyales sa maong kapunongan nagalakip kang Rolando “Lokoy” Ollamina, Jr. presidente; Danilo Enderes, bise presidente; Maria Jessica Asedilla, kalihim; Emiliana Baluma, mamahandi; Paul Romarate, awditor; Sabino Malabas ug Randy Rebayla, press relations officers.

Nagpasalamat ang mga magpapatigayon sa merkado sa suporta nga gihatag sa mayor, ilabi na sa ka malinis kaayo nga pansayan. – April 21, 2009

Maribojoc, Loboc start religious tourism fame

Maribojoc and Loboc led the Bohol towns in the development of a religious tourism project,given the break in the recent Holy Week holidays.

For quite a number of years now, the Padhan Shrine in Maribojoc and Kruz nga Dako in barangay Cambence, Loboc town have been luring tourists and pilgrims from afar to their hallowed grounds during the Lenten Season.

In an interview with this writer at their Lindaville (Phase II) residence early Wednesday morning, Loboc Municipal Councilor Glicerio B. Jubac revealed that the gigantic concrete cross is one of 21 tourist spots declared by the municipality. Erected thru the financial assistance of Loboc philanthropist Annie Gaw, owner UNIWIDE. Sangguniang Bayan recently earmarked P 100,000 for Cambence for area’s improvement.

Padhan Shrine in Maribojoc, on the other hand, is now a favorite pilgrim’s destination for penitents who join a Station of the Cross prayer every Holy Wednesday. Msgr. Boy Nunag, then parish priest of the Sta. Cruz parish in Maribojoc, facilitated the construction of 14 crosses from the foothill to the top of the mountain peak where a priest who lead the via cruces celebrate a mass.

Henceforth, pilgrims and tourists from afar made Padhan Shrine their favorite destination during the Lenten Season.(FCF) – April 19, 2009

Boholano Sports Commish Bats For Values In Sports

A Boholano priest who is one of the commissioner in the Philippine Sports Commission stressed Friday for values learned in sports.

Fr. Vicente Uy, executive director and sports commissioner in the PSC, was the guest of honor during the opening of the 1st Bohol Community Children’s Games 2009 at the Pres. Carlos Garcia Sports Complex, this city.

Commissioner Uy is the first Boholano to hold a top position in the PSC. He hails from the city.

He said he was happy to be appointed by the president as one of the sports commissioner as he can help the province in promoting sports here. He promised to expand the coverage of the children’s Olympiad to include more towns.

He said that when you join tournament, you will learn the value of discipline, respect for others, and respect for your opponents. “Make it a pint that in every game you played, you shake hands with your opponents after the game, regardless whether you win or loss,” he stressed.

He also declared the 1st Bohol Community Children’s Games opened.  Some 1,000 Boholano children, with ages 12 years and below, joined the children’s Olympics separately held in this city and in the municipalities of Maribojoc and Loay.

Gov. Erico Aumentado who was in the capital city at the time, sent Chief of Staff Antonieto “Boy” Pernia as his representative in the opening rites.

Loay athletic coordinator Jonas Maisog spoke for and in behalf of Mayor Rosemarie Lim Imboy. Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco Jr. who has an earlier commitment in his town at the time, sent his public information officer to deliver his message.

Newly-designated assistant division superintendent, Dr. Bianito Dacayan, who just reported here two days ago, also spoke during the opening program.

Football and athletics were displayed in the CPG Sports Complex while Maribojoc hosted the players of volleyball (girls and boys), sipa and taekwondo as basketball, table tennis, badminton and chess were played in Loay.

The two-day children’s sports hostilities winded up yesterday at 10 a.m. after a closing program and awarding ceremony back at the grandstand of the CPG Sports Complex.

The officiating officials mostly from DepEd, Bohol division, were headed by Dr. Cirilo Calatrave, division PESS coordinator.(fcf) – April 19, 2009

Maribojoc Girds for Fiesta Circa 2009

MARIBOJOC – All roads will lead to this history- rich coastal municipality come May 5 this year.

The annual festivity banners the Theme: “ Usa ka Debosyon, Usa ka Kasaulugan sa usa ka Katawhan.”

Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., recently formed working committees to assure success of the festivity. The town’s chief executive also announced that like last year’s celebration, visitors will be treated to dinning tables on feast day only- May 5 (Tuesday). The former Davao City top brass explained that considering the financial crisis felt by the people, “it is practical to do it this way.”

The Enting-Enting Festival, a street dancing mardi gras venerating the locality’s patron saint – San Vicente Ferrer, will highlight the Vesper Day activities. The street dance shindig is now on its second year of existence.

In an interview with the POST early Monday morning, Municipal Councilor Reynaldo “Liling Villas”, chair of the SB Committee on Arts and Culture and over-all coordinator of fiesta shows, bared the following nightly presentations:

April 26 – 2nd Sangguniang Kabataan Dance Attack ; April 27 – St. Vincent Institute Variety Show; April 28 – Faces and Dances; April 29 – DepEd Teacher’s Night ; April 30 – Teban and Goliat;

May 1 – Dos Compañeros; May 2 – Maribojoc United Musicians’ Music Parade; May 3 – Liga ng mga Barangay (ABC) Night Featuring the Punta Cruz Cultural Collective; May 4 – Loboc Youth Ambassador Band; and May 5 – CellMart Night with the Screw Band.

On feast day, Bishop Leonardo Medroso of the Diocese of Tagbilaran will celebrate a Pontifical Mass with the clergymen from various parishes in this diocese. Novena Eucharistic celebrations will also take center stage every night. (FCF) – April 12, 2009

1st Triangular Children’s Olympics, April 17-18, 2009

The 1st Bohol Triangular Children’s Olympics will take center stage in this city, Loay and Maribojoc come April 17 and 18, this year.

Children with ages 12 and below coming from this urban center and the two coastal municipalities will pit their sports skills and athletic prowess in a sports festival sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Region VII.

The two-day triangular meet, also dubbed as the Bohol Community Games, materialized thru the efforts of Boholano Sports Commissioner Fr. Vicente Uy.

Erstwhile DepEd District Supervisor Florante B. Evasco told this writer in an interview at the office of Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., that these sports-minded tots numbering 150,000 per delegation, will compete in the following sports discipline: athletics, boys and girls; basketball, boys; volleyball, boys and girls; football, boys; table tennis, boys and girls; chess boys and girls; taekwondo, boys and girls; sipa, boys; boxing, boys; and badminton, boys and girls.

Tagbilaran DILG City Director Mardonio Roxas, Loay Municipal Local Government Operations Officer Liza Ipong Jayoma and DepEd District Supervisor Flotante Evasco have been designated as delegation coordinators.

Evasco further revealed that this is the second Children’s Olympics held in the Central VIsayas. The first sports hostilities was staged at Cebu City sometime last December, last year.

It may be recalled that a year ago, at the intercession of Maribojoc Mayor Evasco, who is reportedly a close friend of the PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez and Commissioner Fr. Vic Uy, ten national coaches from the PSC including a Cuban boxing ring mentor, hit this province to conduct the 1st Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center on May 15-18, last year.

Gov. Erico B. Aumentado facilitated their lodging while Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Neri Lim caused the release of budget for meals of participants and trainors. Congressman Edgar M. Chatto also extended financial assistance to the affair.

With this development, more sports festivities is expected to happen in this island province and, hopefully, our dismal performance in previous palaro games will soon be a thing in the past. (FCF) – April 12, 2009

Municipal Barangay Service Caravan Reaches 11th Brgy

MARIBOJOC – The 11th round of the municipal government’s Mobile Barangay Service Caravan (MBSC) reached barangay Toril on Thursday, following the 10th round in barangay San Roque on Tuesday.

Varied services were extended to barangay folks right after at their doorsteps.

Barangay Captain Florentino Gentallan of San Roque and Aniceto Resabal of Toril hosted the day-long event.

The caravan, a brainchild of Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr., is designed to bring the municipal government closer to the people in the grassroots level.

For one day, LGU functionaries headed by Engr. Nenita Reyes Chiu, municipal planning and development coordinator, handed to barangay beneficiaries the following services: medical and dental services, dog vaccination and elimination of stray dogs supplemental feeding for malnourished children, distribution of seedlings of trees and vegetables, handling over PhilHealth and senior citizens IDs distribution of leaflets and developmental reading materials, inspection of new structures, and information, education, communication portion included Engr. Chiu, Local Civil Registrar Lita Valles Campos, Municipal Agricultural Officer Eva Bolasco, Lope Ramirez of the Municipal Treasurer’s Office, Waterworks Manager Ric Nacorda, Municipal Health Officer Rey Perpetuo Belderol, Municipal Placement and Employment Officer James Mabilin and Municipal Engr. Bernard Jabines.(fcf) – April 5, 2009

Composer’s Siblings Is Hara Sa Kalamboan

MARIBOJOC. The eldest daughter of the late Boholano composer-journalist Justino “Ning” Romea was crowned Sunday as Maribojoc’s Hara sa Kalamboan at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center.

Retired Master Teacher Juliet Romea Escabarte bested her 19 rivals to clinch the coveted crown. She is the first child of the departed composer of the immortal “Awit sa Bohol.”

The coronation rites highlighted the day-long celebration of Women’s Day which blasted with a eucharistic celebration at the San Vicente Ferrer Shrine Church, this town.

Escabarte, Julie to her friends and well-wishers, represented Barangay Poblacion. Closely trailing her were Adela Elevera of San Isidro- Hara sa Kalamboan sa Panginabuhi; Martha’ Diez, San Roque – Hara sa Kalamboan sa Panimatay; and Alfreda Manuta , Cabawan – Hara sa Panimalay sa Edukasyon.

Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. and Dr. Dedicacion B. Saguran, principal; of the Sta. Cruz Elementary School, crowned the Women’s Day queen.

Criteria in the selection of winners were: livelihood/farming – 25%; education and culture – 25%; management and service – 25%; and family and health – 25%.

The Board of Judges included acting Executive Chief of Staff Beth Moncano, Municipal Kagawad Cecilia P. Autentico, Municipal Agriculture Officer Eva E. Bolasco and Municipal Tourism Officer Mary Ann Jabines.

Some 1,000 women leaders from the town’s 22 barangays participated in the affair which bannered the theme “Babae Yaman ng Bayan”

The program hosts were Kagawad Cel Autentico, Engr. Yanie Chiu and DepEd Principal Mellie Escabarte.(fcf) – April 5, 2009

Brgy Service Caravan Hits San Roque, Toril

MARIBOJOC. For the 10th and 11th time, the Mobile Barangay Service Caravan hit barangays San Roque and Toril, this town Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

Varied services were extended to Barangays folk right at their doorsteps. The caravan, a brainchild of Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., is designed to bring the minicipal government closer to the people in the grassroots level.

For one day, LGU functionaries headed BY: Dr. – Engr. Ma. Nenita Reyes Chiu, municipal planning and development coordinator, handed to Barangay beneficiaries the following services: medical and dental services; dog vaccination and elimination of stray dogs; supplemental feeding for malnourished children; distribution of seedlings of trees and vegetables; handling over of Philhealth and Sr. citizens’ IDs; distribution of leaflets and developmental reading materials; inspection of new structures; and information dissemination.

Speakers during the information/education/communication portion included Engr. Chiu, Local Civil Registrar Lita Valles Campos, Municipal Agricultural Officer Eva Bolasco, Lope Ramirez of the municipal treasurer’s office, Municipal Councilor Zeus Descallar, Waterworks Manager Ric Nacorda, Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol , Municipal Placement and Employment Officer James Mabelen and Municipal Engr. Bernard Jabines.

Punong Barangays Florentino Gentallan and Aniceto Resabal of San Roque and Totil, respectively, hosted the day-long affair.(fcf) – April 5, 2009