48-year old League at Maribojoc

MARIBOJOC – The 48th edition of the annual Maribojoc Christmas Basketball League will reel off today at the Mariibojoc Cultural and Sports Center with eight teams vying for the coveted crown.

A parade of players, muses, town and tournament officials at two o’clock this afternoon will precede the opening rites.

Concededly, the province’s oldest cage festivity, this tournament was founded 48 years ago by the late BIR man and civic religious leader Engr. Paulito Fuertes. It will fire off tonight and is set to end on Jan. 2 next year.

Mayor Leoncio “Boy” Evasco, Jr., himself a case standout during his seminary days and early years as a clergyman, will be the main speaker today’s opening salvo. He is expected to rally the youth to shy away from the dreaded drug menace and instead concentrate on sports development. The dynamic chief executive is a close friend of Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Butch Ramirez and newlyappointed Philippine Sports Commissioner Fr. Vic Uy SVD.

Eight teams will exchange the speroid to clinch the coveted championship plum. These include Punsod, Anislag, Exaltacion,Deiparine Restaurant of Kahayag, JM Cube of Dipatlong, Aupaup KTV Bar and Restaurant, Lincod and Maribojoc Philippine National Police.

The yulitide tournament a single round series with the top six teams advancing to the semi-final round. The semi-final round will also be played via round robin. The top two teams will vie for the championship in a best of three series.

Sponsored by the municipal government, this year’s MCBL commissioners include Municipal Councilor Reynaldo “Liling” Villas, Edd Tutor and Joel Valles. (fcf)
ABS-CBN Covers Christmas Fest Here

MARIBOJOC. This history rich coastal municipality was placed Saturday in the national limelight when a television crew from ABS-CBN – Central Visayas covered the Parade of Lanterns which ushered in the 1st Maribojoc Christmas Festival at the newly-refurbished town plaza.

ABS-CBN’s Karen Asutilla and Ruel Navarro hit this town Saturday, last week to cover the big event which included the blessing and inauguration of three projects – the beautiful town plaza, the paved road leading towards the Maribojoc Alternate Port and the Parola Hall. The affair flashed Monday in the television screen in the top-rated Bandila program and the following day in the TV-Patrol Central Visayas where Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco was seen being interviewed by TV reporter Karen Asutilla.

Cong. Edgar Chatto, Vice Gov. Julius Cesar Herrera, Provincial Board Members Jose Veloso, Alfonso Damalerio II and Yul Lopez and BOHECO I Manager Carlos Itable graced the occasion.

In his opening statement, Mayor Evasco thank Gov. Erico Aumentado and Cong. Chatto for the initial release of P3,004,571.39 and the 3 million, respectively, to finance the wharf paved road.

In the choral contest that followed, the Busao National High School bested six other rivals to pocket the P10,000 top prize. Major plus clinched the second place finished and went home richer by P7,000, while barangay Bood settled for the P5,000 third prize.

IHMS musical director Fr. Ervin Garsuta, Fr. Uriel Echavia and Boholano composer Ponciano Ramasola Jr. composed the board of judges.

The Ramasola brothers were the jurors in the lantern contest which produced the following winners: 1st prize – Cristino Tatoy – P7,000; 2nd prize – P3,000; and 3rd prize – Boy Dumandan, P2,000.

In the Daygon contest the following day (Sunday), the winners were: 1st Guiwanon Singers, P10,000; 2nd – Busao Women, P7, 000; and 3rd – Birhen dela Remedios of Toril, P5,000. The Busao Women are also declared Best in Choreography while the Guiwanon Singers clinched the Best in Costume plum.

The Eskemberlo Eklavu, the Mix Boy’z and the MYMP Fab transformers were the top three finishers in the Christmas Dance Competition. Special awards went to the following: Mix Boy’z – Best in Christmas Dance Scenario; Eskemberlo Eklavu – Best in Choreography; and the Ballers – Best in Costume.

The Pastores contest went on center stage last night while the Belen contest will be judge today.(fcf)

The Maribojoc Christmas Festival 2008

Weeks before the Launching… a very long wait.

Spirits were now high in this once sleepy coastal town of Maribojoc, Bohol.

The town was going to have its first ever Maribojoc Christmas Festival. Christmas was now going to be at the center stage, upstaging the yearly Fiesta celebration. This was a Christmas Festival that was long overdue. It was time to commemorate Maribojoc’s tradition of celebrating the joyful season.

Never ending meetings and discussions took place. Every little detail was talked about. All hoped everything was going to be unforgettable.

Every person was involved in the preparations, from the youngest student up to the well-loved senior citizens of the municipality. Constituents of all 22 barangays came together and showed their strength and got involved in the celebration.

In fact, all Maribojocanons who worked and lived in the different parts of the country and of the world were very instrumental in the realization of this dream. Their encouragement and financial support were greatly significant. Even concerned individuals those outside the country and business establishments made their well-meaning contributions.

Everyone moved to make it happen.

6 December 2008… a day you wished never ended.

On the morning of December 6, all working committees came to toil.

The Christmas Lights at the Plaza now initially named ”The People’s Park” were thoroughly checked. Music played all day long. Radios were distributed for the communication committee to coordinate the arrival of the participants later in the afternoon. The secretariat made sure every invited guest confirmed. There was constant exchange of e-mails between USA Maribojoc Association and Mayor Evasco for the preparations.

Punong barangays checked their parols and lanterns. Carabaos were fed to prepare for the long day ahead; these beautiful animals were tasked to carry Christmas lanterns. Children practiced with their drum and bugle presentations; while choral participants practiced their contest pieces.

Preparations for the ‘Lugaw Para sa Tanan’ were on the way. The members of the food committee didn’t mind the scorching heat from the firewood while they combined all ‘lugaw’ ingredients with big ladles.

Three hours before the time of the assembly, every heart of a Maribojocanon were moved by the enormous effort everybody was contributing. Some felt nostalgic as they knew it was going to be a magnificent and meaningful celebration.

The Lantern and Parol Parade

At 4:30 p.m., all parade participants of each barangay cluster assembled in their designated areas. Guests were also arriving at the Maribojoc Presidencia. At exactly 5:30 p.m., the parade started from each assembly area. The SVI Drum and Bugle Corps and the Pentagon Band played with so much enthusiasm as they welcomed the lantern and parol parade participants. ABS-CBN Cebu came to cover the launching of the Maribojoc Christmas Festival 2008.

Everyone with lighted parols and lanterns converged at the Municipal Plaza and around it. The throng of people even reached as far as Sta. Cruz and Descallar Streets. You could hear a pin drop, there was literally no space left unoccupied. People from all walks of life showed up. There were approximately 1,518 people listed in attendance, apart from those who came at their own resolve.

The lighted parols and lanterns in different and unique designs were a beautiful scene to witness. Amidst this beauty, silence engulfed the air as everyone anticipated the start of the affair.

Municipal Plaza

6:00 p.m. Bohol First District Representative Edgar M. Chatto led the ribbon-cutting of the newly-rehabilitated Municipal Plaza. He was assisted by Ms. Pilar Rosales and Atty. Eddie Busalla. Children dressed as angels assisted Cong. Chatto and Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. in the switching-on of the Christmas plaza lights.

Everybody was in awe at how beautiful the lights were. The beauty was indescribable. The 30-minute fireworks display that followed was also beyond words. Children jumped with joy; friends held hands; mothers carried their babies, while husbands hugged their wives. These moments will be forever treasured by everyone. Afterwards, Rev. Fr. Borgs Ente officiated the solemn blessing of the Plaza.


Master of ceremonies and municipal councilor Fructuoso F. Redulla, Jr. introduced and recognized the invited guests and participants. Cheerful Shouts were heard from each participating barangay and organization as their names were called. The unity demonstrated that night was the reason why everyone wished the day would never end.

Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. gave his welcome address. In his message, he reiterated the significance of the real spirit of Christmas. He expressed gratitude to all who lend a hand in the realization of the projects of the local government of Maribojoc. Vice-governor Julius Caesar F. Herrera and Cong. Edgar M. Chatto also gave inspirational messages.

Although Gov. Erico B. Aumentado was out of town, he was ably represented by Provincial Administrator Tomas Abapo. During his speech, Atty. Abapo announced that all 22 barangays of Maribojoc will a receive P5,000 barangay aid from the Barangay Affairs Office of the provincial government. All barangay constituents could not again contain their joy as blessings were pouring out.

Municipal Vice-mayor Engr. Gabino C. Redulla closed the affair with a message and thanked everyone for a splendid evening. Next, Mayor Evasco explained the policies for the utilization of the municipal plaza. He advised everyone to keep it clean and make it a venue for families and friends to spend time together as it is the “Plaza sa Katawhan.”

As the end of the program ended with Christmas songs being played on the outdoor speakers placed around the plaza grounds, participants found their way to the ‘lugaw para sa tanan’ booths. While some proceeded to the provincial wharf road for the next activity, a number of people still remained in the plaza and enjoyed the sights.

Provincial Wharf Road

Atty. Tomas Abapo represented Gov. Erico B. Aumentado in the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the provincial wharf road along San Juan, Poblacion, Maribojoc. Assisting him were Vice-governor Julius Herrera, Board Member Jose E. Veloso, Board Member Cesar Tomas M. Lopez, Board Member Alfonso R. Damalerio II, Poblacion Punong Barangay Arsenio D. Pantollana, and POFIA president Diosdado Alcala, Sr. Rev. Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD administered the blessing of the provincial road that led to the Parola Hall.

Parola Hall

Atty. Tomas Abapo led the ribbon-cutting of the newly-constructed Parola Hall. He was assisted by LGU Maribojoc’s Consultant on International Relations Fernando M. Albaran, DepEd Cebu City Superintendent Lorna Rances, BOHECO I General Manager Engr. Carlos B. Itable, and BOHECO I Board of Director Dr. Tito L. Miranda. The blessing of the venue was led by Rev. Fr. Borgs Ente. The guests were treated to a delicious meal sponsored by Mr. Fer Albaran.

Gaiety was everywhere in Maribojoc on the 6 December 2008 as it was also the night that the 2008 Choral Competition took place at the Maribojoc Cultural and Sports Center. Even if it was already 8:00 p.m., the venue was jam packed. Everyone was excited to see what was in store in the first show of the Maribojoc Christmas Festival 2008.

Winners for December 6, 2008

2008 Choral Competition:
 First Prize – Busao National High School
 Second Prize – Major Plus
 Third Prize – Barangay Bood
 Consolation Prizes:
a. SVI Choir
b. Selected Voices (SVI)
c. The Voice
d. Summit Group

Lantern and Parol Contest:
 First Prize – Cristino Tatoy
 Second Prize – Janito Ramiso
 Third Prize – Boy Dumandan
 Fourth Prize:
a. Barangay Pagnitoan c/o Susano Ramirez
b. Felix Dumandan
c. Barangay Lagtangon c/o Clarita Abecia
d. Lourdes Rabe
e. Barangay Bood c/o Vicente Castillon

 Special Awards:
a. Exaltacion – Most Artistic
b. Bienvenido Garsuta – Most Creative
c. Lourdes Rabe – Most Original
d. Cluster 2 and San Juan – Most Lively Group

 Attendance of Participants:
a. Sitio San Juan – 1st Biggest in Attendance
b. Barangay Lagtangon – 2nd Prize in Attendance
c. Barangay Guiwanon – 3rd Prize in Attendance
d. Sitio Kahayag – 4th Prize in Attendance
e. Sitio Exaltacion – 5th Prize in Attendance

December 7, 2008

The audience on Sunday night was still full of life. Some sung, while others swayed their bodies to the rhythm of the music. Everyone had an excellent time. And it was good.

Winners for December 7, 2008

Daygon (IGI-IGI) Contest:
 First Prize – Guiwanon Singers
 Second Prize – Busao Women
 Third Prize – Birhen de la Remedios

 Special Awards:
a. Busao Women – Best in Choreography
b. Guiwanon Singers – Best in Costume

 Consolation Prizes:
a. Lincod Senior Citizens
b. Dipatlong Daygonista

Christmas Dance Competition:
 Second Prize – MIX BOY’Z

 Special Awards:
a. MIX BOY’Z – Best in Christmas Dance Scenario
b. ESKEMBERLO EKLAVU – Best in Choreography
c. THE BALLERS – Best in Costume

 Consolation Prizes:
a. C’YAY Rhymes Movers
b. Merry Chixmas
c. Mix Girl’z
d. EYA Santa Mamas
e. Dark Angel/z
f. Mixboyz the Midgets
g. PHS Christmas Dancerous
h. MIxboy’z Jr.
i. The Ballers

There are more competitions to come in the succeeding weekends. The Pastores Contest will be on the evening of December 13. Final judging for the Belen Contest will be on December 20, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. along Rizal Street in Poblacion, Maribojoc.

The Maribojoc Christmas Festival 2008 is indeed a celebration of our heritage. Material things are secondary to the real reason why we are celebrating Christmas. It is the love we share to our families, friends, and relatives that matter most. It is working together in our barangays and towns that bring about positive change.

There is much to look forward to for Maribojoc because nothing can ever break the character of a Maribojocanon. Especially at Christmas. # amjvistal