Flooding seawater jolts Pantalan folks

MARIBOJOC- Residents of sitio San Juan at the wharf area of this coastal town were jolted from their sleep Tuesday night by a strange phenomenon. Seawater rose to an unusual level and flooded the streets leading into the area where the light house stands.

Maribojoc Waterworks Service Management Office Manager Ric Nacorda who lives in the port area, told the Post in an exclusive interview at his office Wednesday afternoon, that he was awaken from his deep sleep at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday by the pounding sound of waves rushing to the dilapidated house of a neighbor.

Jumping out of his bed, he rushed outside residence and discovered to his amazement that the water in the streets were knee deep. The seawater continues to rise until 12 midnight and it was only at two o’clock early dawn of Wednesday that the flooding seawater subsided, Nacorda narrated.

As late as 12 midnight, Councilor Fructuoso Redulla Jr. and Municipal Foreman Demoy Baluma then checked the area.Redulla narrated to Nacorda that upon arriving home at his Sagmonan, Dipatlong residence after attending a sitio fiesta at Saug,Bayacabac when he learned about the incident from a text message he received.

According to Redulla, this might be signs of a dreaded global warming. He then warned the people who came to him that they should not indiscriminately throw plastic containers and wrappers into the sea or elsewhere.

Nacorda, for his part, further told the Post that the 70- years old neightbor, Rosenda Dumandan bewailed that in her lifetime; it was the first time that she witnessed this strange, unusual phenomenon.

It was only during the feast of St. John, when they celebrates sitio fiesta that they expect the seawater to raise to level higher than normal as expect. But never had there been an instance that it over flows to the streets at the port area.

Another neighbor, Benny Dumandan, whose house is fronting the lighthouse, revealed that, wonder of wonders, he saw on that night the waves coming from opposite directions- Manga and Punta Cruz converged at the area where National Power Corp. power barge used to dock.

Retired army couple train police officers

MARIBOJOC – A husband-and-wife tandem, on their blissful retirement, found it apt to partake their expertise to police officers.

Retired Army Brigadier Gen. Jess Ranjo and Boholana wife Shirley Gantan-Ranjo-the first highest ranking Women’s Auxiliary Corps (WAC) officer and now a retired colonel, recently trained their guns on the town’s police team, a fitting aftermath of their May 18 badge of honor ceremonies.

The civic-minded military couple shared their expertise with this town’s men and women in uniform at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center in a half-day gun handling and safety tips briefing.

Seventeen members of the Philippine Army brasses were in town when the municipality conducted its historic badge of honor rites Monday last week.

Col. Shirley Ranjo, a national table tennis champion during her student days at the St. Vincent Institute and the then Rafael Palma College (now University of Bohol), found it easy to convince her better-half for the gun-handling safety tips orientation.

The briefing session ended at 4:30 pm on the first day. The skills practice or practicum was supposedly scheduled the following day, but unfavorable weather forced the the trainers to cancel it.

A veteran in many battles, Gen. Ranjo looked after the safety of the participants.

The practicum has been postponed to an indefinite date, or when the couple returns.

The Ranjos advocate efficient police work through shooting expertise and gun handling.(fcf) – May 31, 2009

Goodah Sweeps League finals
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – The Goodah basketeers, employing power and precision basket, sweeped Monday night their championship series versus Sesame St. at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center, this town. Sesame St. succumbed to a 97-82 onslaught by the victory conscious champions.

It was the second victory in a row for the champs. Goodah dumped Sesame, 106-85, in a one-sided encounter.

Goodah under the tutelage of Coach Willy Relova and assisted by former UB Varsity Player Richie Ocangas, controlled the game in the early minutes of play. Banking on the heroics of Mondele Echavez, Joshua Genovia and Frelon Poncardas, they took the driver’s seat, 24-18, at the end of the first quarter.

Sesame’s Jaylord Cañones, Bautista, Cañete and Estomata joined forces in the second quarter to overhaul Goodah’s lead. They were at the top at regulation period. The score 47-36, Sesame up.

GInto Campos, a Goodah forward and guard Ruel Eyas joined the shooting spree in the third quarter to take back his team’s lead. When the buzzer sounded signaling third quarter’s end, Goodah enjoyed an eight point cushion at 65-57.

Sesame’s fighting spirit did not wan going into the fourth quarter. The wards of Bench Mentor Bobong Delarmente and Maribay Veloso / (FEU women’s varsity standout) threatened Goodah’s camp with series of jump shots and drives in the first five minutes of play in the final quarter.

However, the highly motivated Goodah dribblers waxed hot anew and staged another shooting fray going into the dying seconds of the championship tussle.

In the fight for the third place finish Sunday night, Bood outsmarted Punsod to the tune of 88-74.

The champions went home richer by P 5000, courtesy of Municipal Government. First runner-up Sesame received P 3000 while Bood and Punsod earned P 2000 and P1000, respectively.

During the awarding rites, Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., congratulated all winners and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the league management Commissioner Edgar Tutor, Bong Valles and UB-Jrs Coach Dodong Bangalao.( With Reports from Engr. Dongred Redulla) – May 31, 2009

Evasco tells policemen to uphold Badge of Honor
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., told Monday 17 members of the local Philippine National Police headed by Sr. Inspector George Arellano Badon to live up the tenets of their Badge of Honor.

The dynamic town chief executive was the main speaker of the Badge of Honor ceremony held at the plaza fronting the municipal hall. Earlier Father Efren Dolauta, outgoing parish priest of the Santa Cruz Parish Church, blessed the PNP Badge. Senior Inspector Badon, on the other hand lead the renewal of oath of the Badge.

MLGOO Victor Lapiz Jr., facilitated the charging of the entrustees. At the starts of speech Mayor Evasco recalled the exploits of the Crusaders home historians referred as the peace keepers of the Supreme Pontiff.

The ceremony was witnessed by all local functionaries including Vice Mayor Gabino C. Redulla. MLGOO Lapiz Jr., took charge of the preparation of the rites. The 17 elements of the Philippine National Police solemnly and sincerely promised that “ I will maintain, uphold and hold dear to my heart the Badge of Honor of PNP and will faithfully perform to the best of my ability to serve and protect the people to which I have mandated.”

It was a whole-day affair of the men and women in uniform as the husband-and- wife tandem – retired Brigader Gen. Jess Ranho and retired Col. Shirley Gantan-Ranho gave the PNP officers basic shooting lessons at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center.

Truly, May 18, this year was a red-letter day for Maribojoc’s peacekeepers. (FCF) – May 24, 2009

NHI brass lauds joint church, state efforts
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – Chairman Ambeth R. Ocampo, of the National Historical Institute lauded yesterday the effective church-and-state relations of parish vicars and the municipal government headed by Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr.

The Inquirer columnist was the main speaker during the unveiling of the historical marker and declaration of the Punta Cruz Watchtower as a National Landmark at the Punta Cruz Watchtower Complex, Punta Cruz this town.

Dr. Ocampo was introduced by Gardy Labad.

“The joint efforts of church authorities and the local government unit resulted to this project,” the NHI top brass stressed.

Earlier, Bishop Leonardo Medroso expressed the Church’s gratitude for this laudable project. The diocesan head accepted earlier the historical marker of the Sta. Cruz Parish Church, also known as the San Vicente Ferrer Shrine Church after the eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Efren Dolauta, Fr. Johnson Ente and Fr. Oriel Echavia.

Jesuit Fr. Rene Javellana of the Society of Jesus explained to the audience the historical significance of the Punta Cruz Watchtower while Executive Director Cecille Guidote Alvarez expressed her appreciation of the place which she have often heard before but “it’s only now have I personally seen and felt the beauty of this historical tourist spot.”

Alvarez represented Chair Wilma Labrador of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Mayor Evasco welcomed guest and audience in behalf of the municipality while Punta Cruz punong barangay Faustino de la Cerna welcomed them in behalf of his barangay.

Later, Evasco read Sangguniang Bayan Resolutions expressing thanks and appreciation to Ocampo and Adopting Labad as a Maribojocanon.

The now nationally famous Punta Cruz Cultural Collective under the tutelage of the then musical director Labad entertained the audience with their 15-minute presentation Tawag sa Lantawan which earned kudos at their Intramuros performance recently. (fcf)

Evasco to cops: ‘Uphold honor’

MARIBOJOC – Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. told members of the local Philippines National Police headed by Sr. Inspector George Arellano Badon to live up to the tenets of their badge of honor, in a ceremony on May 18 at the plaza.

Evasco was the main speaker of the badge of honor ceremony held at the plaza fronting the Muicipal Hall.
Earlier. Fr. Efren Dolauta, outgoing parish priest of the Santa Cruz Parish Church, blessed the PNP badge.
Badon led the renewal of oath of the badge, while MLGOO Victor Lapiz Jr. facilitated the changing of the entrustees.

At the start of his speech, Mayor Evasco recalled the exploits of the Crusaders home historians referred as the peace keepers of the Supreme Pontiff.

The ceremony was witnessed by all local functionaries including Vice Mayor Gabino Redulla.  The 17 PNP personnel, for their part, vowed to sincerely maintain and uphold the honor of the PNP badge and to faithful ly perform to the best of their ability, their mandate to.

Also during the whole –day activity, the husband –and –wife tandem of retired Brigader Gen. Jess Rancho and retired Col. Shirley Ganta – Rancho gave the PNP officer basic shooting lessons at the Maribojoc Sports and Cultural Center.

Maribojoc Tops in Philhealth Enrollment
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – This history-rich coastal town outcounts bigger municipalities in Philhealth enrolment.

Speaking before Barangay residents of Pagnitoan who trooped to their barrio hall to avail of the services of the 16 th Mobile Barangay Service Caravan(MBBC), Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. bared Tuesday that thus far, 3000 Maribojocanons are enrolled in this health security program of the government.

Loon town with 67 barangays settled with 800 Philhealth enrollees only.

The other speakers in the caravan’s 16 th edition were: Maria Lita Campos, local civil registrar; Loreta Pusta , municipal social welfare officer; Anastacia Arocha, municipal treasurer; Dr. Rey Perpetuo Belderol, municipal health officer; Felix “Loloy” Dumandan, coastal resource management coordinator; Lucas Echavia Jr., municipal environment officer; and municipal councilors Zeus Descallar and Fructuoso Redulla Jr.,

The local government unit functionaries extended to the jubilant barangay people the following programs – medical and dental services; free medicines; Philhealth and Senior Citizens identification cards; planting materials; fruit-bearing tree seedlings;

Immunization and castration of dogs; elimination of stray dogs; and information -education -communication(IEC).

The town’s public information officer emceed the IEC portion of the project which aimed to the municipal government closer to the people.(fcf)   – May 17, 2009

Punta Cruz “Top tourist attraction”

MARIBOJOC – The Punta Cruz Watchtower, built by the Augustinian-Recollect friar 1,211 years ago, symbolize this historical, history-rich coastal municipality.

Historians and researchers say that the tower and the wooden cross beside the fortress were erected almost the same year.

Constructed out of stones and patterned after Spanish fortresses, the towering structure served as a watching place to warn inhabitants around the area when Moro marauders from Mindanao and Sulu who hit our shores to kidnap women and innocent children to be sold out as slaves back home.

Folklore, handed down from generation to generation, narrates that a group of fishermen were on their fishing expedition along Maribojoc Bay. Wonder of wonders, their fish net yielded a unique catch- a big, straight piece of wood.

They dragged the wood ashore, formed it into a cross, for they were already Christians at the time, and erected the same on the exact spot where it now proudly stands.

The cross, folklore reveals, served as the protector of the area’s populace.

When Moro buccaneers let go of their evil expedition, the inhabitants, warned earlier by the watcher atop the historical tower, implored the protection of the Holy Cross.

When the merciless invaders sailed over Maribojoc Bay, the sea turned into a large tract of land. Having no alternative, the raiding pirates disembarked from their sea vessels and went on their destination.

At this juncture, just like the Israelites’ crossing of the Red Sea, flooding waters mapped out the philandering pirates from the face of the earth.

Although perennially promoted by previous administrations, Punta Cruz attracted a handful of local and foreign tourist.

When Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. came into the scene having been catapulted to the mayoralty throne by the Maribojocanons long hungry for a change, the former Davao City executive and a trusted ally of the dynamic city top brass – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, created the Municipal Ecological, Heritage, Tourism, Culture and the Arts Council (MEHTCAC).

Evasco tapped the expertise of the Ramasola siblings headed by top Boholano painter and artist Ric Ramasola, and other local talents including musician-priest Fr. Oriel “Witex” Echavia.

Paul Gelig, a successful Manila-based businessman who is on import-export business and reportedly operating a chain of bakery shops in the capital city, and a close peer of the former priest during their seminary days, was designated as Maribojoc’s economic adviser.

Gelig then former a corporation along with his close kins and the Watchtower Corporation, Inc. was born which eventually won a bidding to operate a souvenir shop and later, a coffee shop to cater to tourists’ culinary needs as well as souvenir items they can bring home.

The Bohol Alliance of Non-Government Organizations (BANGON) later implemented a 20 month project entitled ” Building Livelihoods and Enterprises of Sustainable Ecotourism Development in Maribojoc, more locally known as Blessed-Maribojoc.

An essential element of this project, which is funded by the Philippine-Australia Community Assistance Program of the Australian Agency for International Development (PACAP-AusAID), is the formation of the Punta Cruz Cultural Collective, a community-based theater composed of 20 members (students and out-of school youths of Punta Cruz, Guiwanon, Lagtangon, Bood, Dipatlong, Poblacion and sitio San Juan in the port area) who successfully passed the audition conducted by Boholano movie director Gardy Labad last August a year ago.

After two presetations entitled “An Tawag sa Bantayan 2, the dance-drama group caught the admiration tourism officials. The dance ensemble was invited as Bohol’s representative to the Creativity Summit of KALAHI Cultural Caregiving focused on the UN Millenium Development Goals through World Theatre Week Workshops/Showcase/Conference last March 24-29, this year.

The talented young Maribojocanons made waves in the capital city March 28 when they entertained audience at Clamshell I, Intramuros, Manila. The now nationally famous dance group rendered the intermission number in yesterday’s historic event.

The Punta Cultural Collective is Maribojoc’s version of the internationally famous Loboc Children’s Choir and the Loboc Youth Ambassadors Band.

With the declaration yesterday of the Punta Cruz Watchtower Complex by the National Historical Institute as a Historical Landmark and installation thereat of a Historical Marker, the beautiful and historical watchtower and its environs can now be at par with other tourist destinations of the island-province. (fcf) May 17, 2009

Maribojocanon farmer awarded “Most Outstanding MAFC chair”

HIS CHOICE of concentrating on farming proved a wise decision for Jose Cyril Lobrigas, a Maribojocanon of industrial technology by profession, as the received the Most Outstanding Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council (MAFC) Chairman award at regional level in a ceremony on May 7.

Lobrigas earned his degree in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (major in electronics) from the then Bohol School of Arts and Trade (presently Central Visayas State College of Agriculture, Forestry and Technology) in 1991, but preferred to be a farmer.

He has worked as staff of Holiday Appliance in Tagbilaran City before he became MAFC Chair of Maribojoc.

In an exclusive interview Thursday afternoon at the residence of ABC President Marcelino Dapiton in barangay Busao, Lobrigas – younger brother of Diocesan Chancellor Fr. Jose Cecil Lobrigas and nephew of Msgr. Junex Nalzaro- said that though he studied industrial technology, particularly electronics, farming has been his first love since childhood.

The loss of his father, however deterred him to take up agriculture when he finished his secondary course.

Although some of his relatives were quite financially stable, he said his principles dictate that he has to stand on his own.

The late Calixto Lobrigas of Loon town was only a letter carrier while her mother, Exce, was a home economics mentor of the then Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

“Love your work. Don’t regard your job as a drudgery but rather, as a fun,” Dodong, as friends fondly calls him, pointed out.

“I love farming although my skills as an electrician has not been rusted, “he nonchalantly said.

And it paid dividends. Last May 7, Dodong proudly walked the lobby of Hotel Fortuna in Cebu City to receive from DA Regional Executive Director Ricardo Oblena, a plaque of recognition and P10,000 cash award “for significant contribution in facilitating development and progress in the agricultural sector and the rural folk and for serving as model MAFC in the region.”

Lobrigas organized a natural farming system, that Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. – an agriculture buff himself- strongly supports.

Tribu Kauswagan, Evasco’s party, pursues the slogan “Economic Stability through Agriculture” which won him the seat in 2007 elections.

In fact, Maribojoc has been featured by Ma. Ceres Doyo in the May 14 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer – a recognition of the town’s stride towards progress under the stewardship of Evasco, once a Davao City administrator.(fcf) – May 17, 2009

NHI Installs Historical Markers at Maribojoc Saturday
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – This history-rich coastal municipality will be in the limelight anew come Saturday when the National Historical Institute (NHI) will install historical markers to the Holy Cross parish church and the famous Punta Cruz Watchtower. The centuries-old tourist attraction will also be declared by NHI as a historical landmark.

Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, NHI chairman, will present the marker of the house of worship, also known as the San Vicente Ferrer Shrine Church, to Bishop Leonardo Y. Medroso.

The Punta Cruz Watch Tower marker, on the other hand, will be accepted by Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. from the NHI TOP BRASS.

The historic event starts at 7:30 Saturday morning with a Eucharistic celebration by Bishop Medroso and outgoing parish priest – Fr. Efren Dolauta.

NHI ambeth will later unveil and present the historical marker The Certificate of Transfer will be signed by the diocesan heads and the NHI big boss, to be witnessed by Fr. Dolauta, Mayor Evasco and NHI Executive Director Ludovico D. Badoy.

Bishop Medroso will next deliver an acceptance message, after which a motorcade will proceed towards the Punta Crux Wath Tower Complex.

After the opening preliminaries, Jesuit Fr. Rene Javellana will discourse on the Historical Significance of the Punta Cruz Wathchtower.

Chairman Ocampo will unveil and present the historical marker to the Maribojoc chief executive and declare the l, 2ll-year old tower as a historical landmark.

Ocampo and Evasco the sign the Certificate of Transfer, to be witnessed by Punta Cruz Punong Barangay Faustino dela Cerna and NHI Executive Director Badoy.

After Mayor Evasco’s acceptance speech, Chair Wilma L. Labrador of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts will deliver an inspirational message.

The now nationally famous Punta Cruz Cultural Collective, a GAMABA awardees will wow the audience with their cultural presentation

Movie director Lutgardo “Gardi” Labad., chair of the Bohol Arts and Cultural Heritage Council, will emcee the program. (fcf) – May 16, 2009

Sec. Yap, Cesar Montano Meet Evasco
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – Two national celebrities graced Tuesday the Maribojoc fiesta as guests of Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr.

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap breezed into town at 11:30 on feastday on the invitation of this town’s chief executive.

After a sumptuous meal, the top brass of the Department of Agriculture met with the members of the Tagbilaran Integrated Ex-Priests ans Seminarians, Inc. (TIPASI) and bared his plans for Bohol.

The aggrupation of former priests and seminarians committed their support to Sec. Yap’s plan for a progressive Bohol including his congressional bid in the 3rd District.

The TIPASI men who conferred with the DA big boss included former Gov. Rene Relampagos, Baclayon Mayor Alvin Uy, Mayor Evasco, Councilor Jun Tusoy Redulla, Manila-based businessman and Maribojoc economic adviser Paul Gelig, Prex Ponteres, Aldo Doblas, Tim Balani, Dondon Guitierrez, Peter Relampagos, Milo Simbajon and Inting Visarra.

Shortly after, Boholano actor-director Cesar Montano arrived with wife Sunshine Cruz. The multi-awarded veteran thespian bared his political plans with the dynamic town top leader.(fcf)  – May 10, 2009

48 Officials Complete Heritage Interpretation
By: Fred C. Fuertes

MARIBOJOC – The tourism program of this history rich coastal municipality was strengthened Sunday when 48 local officials completed a two-day Heritage Interpretation Workshop at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall, this town.

The graduates were barangay captains, Sangguniang Kabataan chairman and members of the Municipal Eco Heritage, Tourism, Culture and Arts Council of this municipality.

The topics discussed during the workshop included the following: Cultural Mapping Overlay; Local History Writing; Cultural Tourism and Destination Planning; Heritage Interpretation; and Community Newspaper Making.

The resource speakers, on the other hand, were Director Madrileña de la Cerna of the Central Visayas Studies Center of the University of the Philippines Cebu College, Ruel Rigor of the Cebu Provincial Committee on Historical Sites, Relics and Structures, and Mae Claire Jabines of the UP Cebu College.

Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., after distributing the certificates of completion to the participants, thanked the resource speakers for bringing tourism closer to the people and the participants for joining the movement of developing the tourist potentials of this municipality.

The two-day activity culminated with the video showing of the successful performance of the nationally famous Punta Cruz Cultural Collective at the Clamshell in Intramuros, Manila last March 28, this year.(FCF) – May 3, 2009