Maribojoc launches bgy caravans

MARIBOJOC – In an effort to bring the government nearer to the people, the local government unit (LGU) will start sending off a barangay caravan of health and dental services throughout the town.

The year-end assessment and planning workshop conducted on January 15 and 16 at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall focused on this bold program.

Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. spearheaded the two-day activity with the assistance of Executive Chief of Staff Oscar Valles and Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Ma. Nenita Chiu.

Dr. Chiu told the Post in an interview Friday last week that the actual services that the barangay caravan will deliver include health and dental services, dog registration, vaccination and elimination of stray dogs, inspection of newly-constructed structures, inspection of business establishments, supplemental feeding for identified malnourished children, distribution of planting materials, issuance of senior citizens’ IDs, and distribution of leaflets and other reading materials.

Dr. Chiu, who is a civil engineer by profession, further announced that the project-to be implemented for the first time here, will extend the services through a caravan to the barangay level twice a week.

There will be a trial period, though, for the LGU to assess its feasibility.

In the assessment workshop, the 45 personnel led by the municipal government’s department heads revealed the 2008 action plans, assessed the actions undertaken in the preceding year, identified met and unmet targets.

They also set goals and objectives for 2009 that each department of the municipal hall and satellite offices of the Mayor’s Office have to achieve in conformity with the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) and the Comprehensive Development Plan, to formulate strategies and activities to determine LGU resources and capabilities and to formulate realistic and doable action plans for 2009 in line with the executive thrusts. (fcf) – January 25, 2009

34 brgy tanods take reorientation course

MARIBOJOC – Some 34 barangay tanods from six barangay of this coastal municipal recently completed a one-day Tanod Reorientation Course in two separation training activities.

The gab conducted in two separation venue – Busao High School (Dec. 29, last year) and aliguay barangay hall (Jan. 26, this year) – was a brainchild of Lincod Tanod Chief Raymund Nixer Coloma, president of the Maribojoc Federation of Barangay Tanods, which got aninstant support from the local DILG, PNP and the Office of the Mayor, this town.

The Busao confab produced 18 participants while the Aliguay affair netted 16 reoriented villge peace officers. Barangay tanods from Agahay, Busao and Toril finished the first batch whiles the barangay policemen of Aliguay, Anislag and San Vencente coprise the second batch. In this message in every batch Mayor Leoncio Evasco Jr. stressed the necessity of maintaining peace and order to attain progress and prosperity of a given community.

The other resource speakers included MLGOO Victor Jr. of the local DILG, SB Chair of Peace and Order Committee Gualberto “Macky” Melecio, PNP Chief of Police Jose Vendencia Arocha, Coloma, Greg Dapitilla, Mario Cornito, Joy Acuram and this writer. Meanwhile, 40 barangay officials of Aliguay, Lincod and San Vecente converged Thursday and Friday, last week to participate in a Barangay Development Council planning workshop at the Lincod barangay hall.

Isabelita Moncano Somoso of the Tri-People’s Concern for Peace Progress and Development of Mindanao and Engr. M. Nenita Reyes Chiu facilitated the proceeding which will go a long way towards evolving a workable Barangay Development Plan for each barangay. The group of barangay made up cluster 4.

The forthcoming workshops follow: cluster – Candavid , Jandig and Pagnitoan (venue) – Feb. 7-8; cluster 3-Punta Cruz, Guiwanon, Bood and Lagtangon (venue) – Jan. 29-30; cluster 2- Bayacabac, San Roque, San Isidro and Tinibgan – Feb. 12-13; cluster5 – Anislag, Dipatlong, Punsod and Poblacion (venue) Feb. 26-27; and cluster 6 – Busao, Cabawan, Toril and Agahay (venue)- March 6-7. (Fred C. Fuertes)

Maribojoc now finally 4th class

MARIBOJOC – After years of wallowing in the fifth class group, this town finally climbed to fourth class level.

Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr. announced the information based on the Memorandum- Circular 1-M(15)-08 recently signed by Bureau of Local Government and Finance Executive Director Ma. Presentation Montesa.

Maribojocanons attributed this to the political will which Evasco demonstrated upon his assumption as mayor in July 2007 when he sent demand letters to deliquent water consumers to settle their accounts to which the people responeded positively.

Evasco spared no one,even political supporters, in the disconnections after failing to settle their delinquencies a month after they executed promissory notes.

The rejuvenation of the public market also paid dividends as traders plying their waves on market days every Wednesday increased.

The collection of real state taxes also gave a marked difference.

Moreover, this town has been a pilot of the Australian-funded electronic Tax Revenue And Collection System (eTRACS).

During its installation in January last year, Gov. Erico Aumentado stressed that “we did not hesitate to choose Maribojoc as the pilot municipality for this project because we trust your local leaders. If properly harnessed, this Australian-funded development project could certainly increase the town’s collection by 30 to 40 percent.

Aside from Maribojoc, the other municipalities elevated from fifth to fourth class levels are Baclayon, Bien Unido, Dimiao Duero, Loboc and Pres. Garcia. (fcf) – January 18, 2009

Mayor, town planner bat for public service

MARIBOJOC: Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr., and Engr. Ma. Nenita Reyes Chiu, municipal planning and development coordinator, batted Sunday for service to God, country and community.

They were the main speakers during the 32nd annual honoring and recognition rites for new professionals and those who outstandingly excelled in their respective fields of endeavor held at the San Vicente Ferrrer Shrine church, this town.

Engr. Chiu, a doctor of philosophy, cited Dr. Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a springboard towards success in one’s work physiological, security, social, self-esteem and self-actualization needs.

“As far as self-actualization is concerned, I have learned much working with Mayor Evasco,”she stressed.

The former three-termer municipal councilor who was the affair’s guest speaker, was introduced by Moises Descallar, executive vise president of the sponsoring St. Vincent Ferrer Institute Alumni Association Inc. (SVIAA).

In his inspirational message, Mayor Evasco recalled his revolutionary days when he witnessed a ritual of the native Bagobos of Mt. Apo in Davao where young men were installed by their community. “This affair should be modified in the coming years where parents of these young professionals present them to the community with a pledged of service to their constituents.”

“Give help to fellow Maribojocanons- to fellow Filipinos. We need people like you in our community.” He concluded.

The other speakers were Fr, Efren Dolauta, the homilist, SVIAA President Avalia Apayor De Vera, Dr. Ronald Rances who delivered the impressions in behalf of the honorees, and BACS I Academic Supervisor Winefreda Fuertes Flores who emceed the program.

Municipal Councilor Cecilia Autentico presented the honorees while Fr. Jonhson “Borge” Ente, SVI Director, SVI Principal Erlinda Ilano, Engr. De Vera and Moises Descallar handed them the certificates of recognition.

The proud honorees included Dr. Ronald Rances, doctor of medicine; Atty. Julius Ramasola Cesar, assistant provincial fiscal; Leonel June Geñoso, masteral degree in nursing; Edmond Painandos, CPA; Erwin Patacsil, electrical engineering; Justina Romea Arangoso, master teacher; Michael Saguran, criminologist; Everette Alloso, Custom Board passer; Editha Villanueva, master in business administration;
Registered nurses April Rose Geñoso, Ardley Vee Enjambre, Brigette Amapaula Ancog, Delia Angelia, Eppie Therese Tiongco Evethea Flores, Jestony Veloso, Joesen Vincent Arocha, Julie Padel, Maria Aileen Chiu, Marian Veloso, Mary Grace Samante, Melany Albaran, Ralph Joseph Logroño, Ramon Jabines, Jr., Ramonita Yap, Rosveche Magallano, and Julie Ann Ramasola; and

Licensed Teachers Adonis Amarille, Celso morgia, Desiree Labitad, Gladys Panos, juvy Mirontos, Roy Apayor, Susana Duropan and Rodmar Dulay.

The honoring and recognition ceremony who is on its 32nd anniversary took center stage after the Eucharistic celebration concelebrated by Fr. Efren Dolauta and Fr. Jonhson Ente, parish priest and parish vicar SVI director, respectively.(fcf)

31 Professionals Honored

MARIBOJOC. – The St. Vincent Institute Alumni Association (SVIAA) will honor today 31 Maribojocanons who recently hurdled board examinations and excelled in their respective fields of professions during Eucharistic celebration 8:00 a.m. at San Vicente Ferrer Shrine Church, this town.

The coastal municipality’s planner, Dr. Nenita Reyes Chiu, will be the guest speaker, while Mayor Leoncio B. Evasco Jr., will deliver an inspirational message.

The achievers who will each receive from the aggrupation a certificate of recognition include Dr. Ronald Echavia Rances in the field of medicine. Leonel June Geñoso, masteral degree in nursing; Edmond Painandos, certified public accountant; Engr. Erwin Patacsil, electrical engineer, Michael Saguran, criminologist; Everette Alloso, customs board passer.

Registered Nurse Brigette Amapaula Ancog, Joesen Vincent Arocha, Melany Albaran, Maria Aileen Chiu, Aprille Rose Geñoso, Julie Padel, Jesthony Veloso, Ramonita Yap, Ralph Joseph Logroño, Marian Veloso, Ardley Vee Bulang, Evethea Flores, Ramon Jabines Jr., Resveche Magallano, Delia Angelia, Eppie Therese Tionco, Mary Grace Samante, Violeta Linda Bacareza and Teachers’ Board Passers Adonis Amarille, Cielo Morgia, Gladys Panoga, Desiree Labitad, Roy Apayor and Juvy Mirontos.

Engr. Avelia Apayor De Vera, SVIAA president, will give the welcome remarks. On the other hand, BACS I Academic Supervisor Winefreda Fuertes Flores steers the program and liturgy.(fcf) – January 4, 2009