Authored by: Kag. Zeus Manuel R. Descallar, RN

WHEREAS, one of the major health problems during rainy season is the incidence of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever;

WHERERAS, now a days Dengue Fever occurs in all ages, but the younger generations are the most vulnerable groups;

WHEREAS, this disease transmitted by Aedes aegyppti, is preventable, but is prevalent where mishandled water storage is a good breeding place for the vector;

WHEREAS, this mosquito lays eggs in stagnant water found in flower vases, cans, rain barrels, old rubber tires, old coconut shells and etc.;

WHEREAS, the adult mosquitoes rest in dark places of the house, making them more impervious;

WHEREAS, there is an in dire need to disseminate the information in order for the residents of the Municipality of Maribojoc be aware and be able to prevent and control the disease;

WHEREAS, there is an urgent need to respond this deadly malady.

WHEREFORE, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved by the Sangguniang Bayan of the Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol in the session duly assembled that:;

SECTION 1: Definition of Terms.-

a.Dengue Fever – is an acute infection disease
manifested initially with fever

b.Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever – is a later sign of dengue manifested
by bleeding in gums and nose.

c.Aedes aegypti – the transmitter of disease, a day-
bitting mosquito.

d.Petechiae – having 15-20 red tiny per 1 inch
square using tourniquet test.

SECTION 2: Signs and Symptoms.-

A.Early signs

1.Sudden onset of intermittent high fever which may last 2 to 7 days.
2.Joint & muscle pain and pain behind the eyes.
3.Weakness and Body malaise
4.Abdominal pain
5.Skin rashes – maculopapular rash or tiny spots on the skin called petechiae

B.Late signs

1.Nose bleeding when fever starts to subside.
2.Vomiting of coffee-colored matter
3.Dark-colored stools

SECTION 3: Prevention and Control.-

a. cover water drums and water pails at all times to prevent mosquitoes
from breeding.

b.Replace water in flower vases once a week, if possible refrain from
using watered flower vases.

c.Clean all water containers once a week. Scrub the sides well to remove eggs of mosquitoes sticking to the sides.

d.Clean gutter of leaves and debris so that rain water will not collect as breeding places of mosquitoes.

e.Old tires used as roof support should be punctured or cut to avoid accumulation of water.

f.Collect and dispose all unusable tin cans, jars, bottles and other items that can collect and hold water.

g.Search and destroy any possible breeding places of mosquitoes.

h.Pour used oil in unavoidable stagnant water.

i.Full implementation of 4’clock habit

SECTION 4: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme.-

a.The Municipal Health Officer shall direct the members of the health team to disseminate the information regarding the prevention and control of Dengue.

b.The Public Health Nurse shall monitor the implementation of the program.

c.The Public Health Midwife shall direct all Barangay Health Workers to disseminate the information regarding the prevention and control of the disease to their respective areas of responsibilities.

d.The Barangay Health Workers shall –

a.Inform every household of their assigned area, regarding the prevention and control, including the sign and symptoms of the disease.

b.Shall also promptly refer possible case if any,

e.The Barangay Captains together with the Barangay officials shall:

a.Make the necessary move to disseminate the information regarding the prevention and control of the disease.

b.Schedule specific time of the day that every one shall search and destroy, breeding places of mosquitoes.

c.Shall also read this said resolution during barangays assembly for information purposes.

f.School Principals and teachers shall also:

a.Disseminate the information to their pupils/students.

b.Instruct students/pupils to wear long pants or leggings.

SECTION 5: Effectivity.-

This resolution shall take effect immediately after the approval of the Sangguniang Bayan.

Approved: July 27, 2007

Let copies of this resolution be furnished, the Municipal Health Officer, Public Health Nurse, Public Health Midwives, Barangay Health Workers, Barangay Captains, School Principals and Teachers of the Municipality of Maribojoc, Province of Bohol for proper and full implementation.


Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian


Municipal Vice Mayor
Presiding Officer
Date Signed: August 6, 2007

A True Copy:

Acting SB Secretary