Authored by: Kag. Pablo A. Baluma

Co-Authored by: Kag. Nicanor J. Lamoste

Kag. Ma. Nenita R. Chiu

Kag. Mary Annie Jabines

WHEREAS, it is one of the government policies to maintain peace and order and to protect the life, liberty and property and the promotion of public welfare;

WHEREAS, every local government units acts as guardian of the inhabitants and as such it shall promote the health and safety of the people;

WHEREAS, there is a necessity of enacting a code of public safety so as to safeguard the lives of the people and to avoid any untoward incident in any local celebrations.

WHEREFORE, be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol, that:

Article I


SECTION: 1. This ordinance shall be known as The Code of Public Safety of the

Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol.

SECTION: 2. This ordinance is enacted to serve as safety precautionary measures to

ensure safety and protection of the public throughout the year round especially during local celebrations.

SECTION: 3. This ordinance shall cover safety on the following.

a.) Road, Sea, River, Structure and Religious Shrine

b.) Electrical Installations and other makeshift connections for lighting and sound system.

c.) Handling of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

d.) Fire, health and sanitation.

e.) Public safety from criminal elements.

Article II


SECTION: 1. Road Safety:

a) Traffic laws, ordinances, rules and regulations should be strictly observed and where necessary traffic signs shall be installed.

b) Through the recommendation of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator and the Philippine National Police, specific areas shall be designated for ambulant vendors and ferias.

c) Streamers and buntings installed on alleys, roadways and highways shall have a vertical clearance of eighteen (18) feet or 5.49 meters.

d) Signboards and billboards posted on roadside shall bear the same clearance or height with that of the streamers and should be erected on the road shoulder sufficient enough to allow vehicles traveling in flank towards the same or opposite direction to pass without obstruction.

e) Diggings, excavations and potholes shall be filed up at least one month before the actual celebration.

f) House fences, concrete or not erected along the roads and highways shall follow the prescribed distance set by the National Building Code and Public Works and Highways.

g) Trees, coconut trees and other plants which are planted very closed to the roads and highways shall be cut off upon the recommendation of the committee on public safety with a proper notice.

h) Tying of domestic animals such as cows, carabaos, goats and horses along the roads and highways are strictly prohibited.

SECTION: 2. Sea and River Safety:

a) Sea and river should clear from any form of obstruction such as garbage, debris, water lilies and other flotsams.

b) Fishing devices using bamboo raft such as basing, payao and paugmad shall bear flaglets or buoy to alarm any passing vessel.

c) Motorized bancas and boats should be periodically checked to insure sea and river worthiness.

d) Tugboats towing steel or wooden barge should be secured with strong ropes and cables and shall be manned only by those authorized and licensed under maritime laws.

e) Loading capacity of watercrafts and other vessels should be closely monitored. No watercraft or vessel be loaded beyond its capacity and should not be manned by all trained and drunken operators.

f) It shall be unlawful for any person or group of persons to dispose, letter, place or throw garbage, empty bottles, dead animal, waste and other filth within the Maribojoc Sea Shore and river bathing resorts.

g) Seashore and rivers declared as bathing resorts shall has a maximum dept of 1.5 meters to ensure safety for non-professional swimmers.

SECTION: 3. Safety of Floats, Flatforms, Towers, Stages, Ferryswheel and other


a) There shall be an inspection and review to be conducted by the

municipal engineer and the Chairman of the Committee on Protective Services as to design and structural soundness and safety of makeshift stages, floats, platforms, towers and other structures.

b) Ferryswheel and circuses which are temporarily installed during fiestas in any public place designated for display and entertainment shall be checked by the Municipal Engineer, Municipal Health Officer and the Chairman of the Committee on Protective Services.

Article III


SECTION: 1. Installation of electric wiring for floats, platforms, towers, stages

streetlights and sound system should be supervised by a licensed electrician and should conform to the safety provisions embodied in the Philippine Electric Code.

SECTION: 2. Combustible decorative and soluble decorative materials should not be

fixed very near to the electrical bulbs and connections.

SECTION: 3. Temporary electrical connection should be knitly taped with electrical


SECTION: 4. Prior to the installation or construction of TV Antennae and other

similar installation including but not limited to Radio-Telephony, Radio-Telegraphy and Repeated, a permission shall be asked from the Office of the Municipal Engineer.

SECTION: 5. The office of the Municipal Engineer shall inspect the installed or

constructed antennae and shall provide a device in a way to determine that the installations or constructions are already inspected.

SECTION: 6. In the event of harmful effects due to the occurrence of natural disasters

such as typhoon, earthquake and other calamities, that cause antennae installations be completely destroyed, the owner or owners and their technicians shall contract the technical staff from the Office of Municipal Engineer for any possible technical assistance.

Article IV


SECTION: 1. Sale, disposal and use of firecrackers and all forms of pyrotechnic

devices shall be channeled through authorized stores and dealers as prescribe under Republic Act 7183 otherwise known as “An Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture, Distribution and Use of Firecracker Explosions and Municipal Ordinance No. 4, Series of 1993, Regulating The Use, Sale Manufacture and Distribution of Firecrackers and other Pyrotechnic Devices in the Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol.

SECTION: 2. Firecrackers and Pyrotechnic devices should be exploded away from

persons, combustible materials, and other fire risk places;

SECTION: 3. The use and explosion of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices are

prohibited in places where people are assembled such as church, school, quadrangle and other places of amusements. However, bingalas, fountain baby rockets maybe allowed during coronation nights and processions. Barangays may adopt an ordinance designating places for fireworks and firecracker explosion.

SECTION: 4. No person shall be allowed to bring firecrackers and fireworks in any

rallies and parades nor shall be allowed to board any seacraft or vessel and land transportation participating thereat.

Article V


SECTION: 1. The Philippine National Police, the Paramedic Team and the members

of the Disaster Council of the locality shall be on full alert during local celebrations, man made and natural calamities.

SECTION: 2. Medical and Police Substations will be In designated areas for easy

monitoring. Such stations shall be staffed with the first aid teams knowledgeable with the application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and similar techniques including first aid to take care of wounds and fractures.

SECTION: 3. There shall be standby vehicle to transport accident victims to nearest

hospital and medical clinics.

SECTION: 4. The Office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and

all health centers shall be opened during local celebrations and other natural calamities.

Article VI


SECTION: 1. No person or entity shall be allowed to operate a food establishment

without securing a permit from the local health office.

SECTION: 2. Owners and operators of makeshift shelters for private use and for

public eating shall see to it that surroundings are kept clean. They should be equipped with the following:

a) garbage and trash cans in strategic places

b) Latrines or portable restrooms

c) Cleaning or clearing of clogged drainage and sewers to prevent breeding of harmful insects.


SECTION: 3. The local sanitary inspector and the Municipal Health Officer shall

supervise and conduct periodic inspection on temporary eating places and carenderias to insure that sanitation and hygiene are properly observed.

SECTION: 4. Every residence within the Municipality of Maribojoc shall be required

to have a water-sealed toilet and shall be maintained clean and be renovated if badly needed.

SECTION: 5. No newly constructed residential building shall not be occupied by the

owners, unless it has properly constructed toilet.

SECTION: 6. Drilling and excavations of the ground for the purpose of laying water

shall require Mayor’s Permit. A barangay clearance and sanitary permit shall be presented to the Mayor as requirements before issuance of the Mayor’s permit.

SECTION: 7. Organizers of pilgrimage, camping’s and sportsfest shall provided first-

aid and shall ensure that every body or every participants is physically fit.

SECTION: 8. All other provisions covered under The Code on Sanitations but not

found in Article VI oft his ordinance are considered relative and applicable.

Article VII


SECTION: 1. The local PNP station through its chief of people shall institute the

following in order to prevent and check the commission of crimes during all forms of local celebrations.

a) Fielding of PNP personnels, civilian volunteers to avoid incidence of panic and stampedes during shows, rallies, parades and other cutltural exhibitions.

b) Assigning of police officers to be alert for criminal elements such as pickpocketers, swindlers, drug pushers and users, drunkards and other police characters who will operate during special occasions.

Article VIII


SECTION: 1. A committee on Public Safety is hereby created in the municipality to

be composed of the following: the Municipal Mayor as the Chairman; the Chief of Police; the Chairman of the festival organizers; the Chairman of the committee on Health and Protective Services and Municipal Engineer’s members.

SECTION: 2. The Municipal Mayor has the following roles and responsibilities:

a) Ensure that the provisions of this Ordinance are effectively disseminated and implemented by all concerned.

b) Require the festival organizer to submit a detailed action plan for the local celebration before issuing a permit.

c) Act a s over all chairman of all local celebrations sponsored by the municipality.

d) Coordinate the activities with all the sectors involved in the planning, preparation and conduct of local celebrations.

SECTION: 3. Rules and responsibilities of the chief of police are as followes:

a) Maintain peace and order in the locality.

b) Provide protection and insure safety to all persons from criminal elements.

c) Monitor the movements of the people and deploy police officers where local celebrations are being held.

d) See to it that traffic signs for people and vehicles are observed.

e) Provide alternative emergency measures to cope with any eventuality during local festivities.

SECTION: 4. The festival organizer shall have the following roles and


a) Insure that all safety precautions contained in this ordinance are

strictly observed in the planning and preparations pf local celebrations;

b) Provide and guarantee the safety and orderlines during the local celebration by designating marshals

c) Coordinate closely with the Municipal Mayor, Chief of Police, the Barangay Captain concerned and the members of the Committee on Protective Services and the Committee on Health and Sanitation and Municipal Engineer before and during the local celebrations.

d) Prepare a detailed action plan for the Local celebration to be submitted to the office of the Mayor, Chief of Police, the Municipal Engineer and the Barangay Captain concerned.

Article IX


SECTION: 1. Any individual or entity who wish to hold or sponsor any local

celebration shall see first the office of the Municipal Mayor at least fifteen days before the holding of the celebration. The request for issuance of permit shall be accompanied with a detailed action plan for the celebration.

SECTION: 2. Application for permit shall be considered only after the requisites shall

have been met within the prescribed fifteen days before the holding and after the required fees shall have been paid to the Municipal Treasurer.

SECTION: 3. Civic, Military parades and religious processions are exempted from

payment of Mayor’s permit but are required to secure gratuitous permit for the purpose of monitoring the compliance to the safety provisions of this ordinance and to avoid prejudices on non-civic, and non-religious organizations.

Article X


SECTION: 1. Any other provisions not contain in this Ordinance but are embodied in

the National Building Code, The Sanitation Code, and the Electrical Code are considered relative and applicable under this Code on Public Safety.

SECTION: 2. This Code shall apply in the entire Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol

and shall be in full force unless otherwise repealed or amended.

SECTION: 3. Upon effectivity of this Code., the local Chief Executive shall convene

and Ad Hoc assembly for the creation of the Committee on Public Safety and its composition.

Article XI


SECTION: 1. Penal Provisions:

Any violation to this Ordinance shall be fined of at least one Thousand Pesos (P1,000.00) of an imprisonment of six (6) months or both at the discretion of the court.

SECTION: 2. Payment of fine or service of imprisonment herein shall not exonerate

the offender from facing separate civil and criminal charges pursuant to Civil and Criminal Laws in case of lose of life or damage to property and bodily injuries.

SECTION: 3. In case the violation is committed by an association or juridical entity,

the chairman of the Festival Organizer, the President, General Manager or any person entrusted with the administration thereof shall be held responsible or liable thereof and be subjected to the penalties provided therein.

SECTION: 4. Separability Clause.

Any provision, section or part of this Ordinance be declared invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, such verdict shall not affect or impair the remaining provisions, sections or parts which shall continue to be in full force and effect.

SECTION: 5. Repealing Clause:

All Municipal Ordinance, rules and regulations which run contrary to the provisions of this Code are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION: 6. Effectivity:

This Code of Public Safety on Local Celebrations shall take effect after its approval and publication in any Local Newspaper.




Presiding Officer




Municipal Secretary



Municipal Mayor

Date signed: August 25, 1994