Authored by : Kag. Zeus Manuel R. Descallar

WHEREAS, one of the major health problems in our municipality is malnutrition.

WHEREAS, malunggay tree also known as Moringa and scientifically known as Moringa oleifera Lamk is very rich in vitamins and minerals needed for proper nutrition.

WHEREAS, malunggay tree is very rich in iron, known to be a blood forming vitamin.

WHEREAS, it is a common knowledge that one reason for malnutrition is poverty.

WHEREAS, the usual solution in addressing malnutrition are palliative.

WHEREAS, if malunggay tree would be readily available in every household, the problem of poverty is not an issue anymore. In terms of addressing the problem of malnutrition and malunggay can easily be cooked which need no much time used.

WHEREAS, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute declares that Malunggay is a miracle vegetable because it is not just a food, it is also a medicine as attested by Dr. Lydia M. Marero. Malunggay promotes good eyesight and digestion, facilitates bowel movement, and a cure for many diseases.

WHEREAS, due to malunggay’s high calcium content, lactating mothers are advised to eat malunggay leaves to produce more milk.

WHEREAS, health is one of the basic programs of the local administration;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it ordained by this Sangguniang Bayan.

SECTION 1: This Ordinance shall be called “Malunggay Bawat Bahay sa Kalusugan
Kaagapay” Program.

SECTION 2: The theme of the program is “Malunggay: dapat kasama sa bawat hapag kainan
upang malnutrisyon ay maiwasan”.

SECTION 3: Purposes: This program aims to:
a. Answer sustainably malnutrition in the municipality of Maribojoc.
b. Roll-out poverty as the reason of malnourishments.
c. Correct the palliative remedy in answering malnutrition.
d. A healthy community someday.

SECTION 4: Description, uses and benefits of Malunggay Tree:

Moringa is the English name. It is called Malunggay in the Philippines and Sajina in Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. It grows very wildly in hot tropical climate.

a. Moringa is a wonderful herb known all over the world– but only recently in the U.S. It may provide the boost in energy, nutrition and health you’ve been seeking.

b. Moringa is a remarkable discovery, which can make a tremendous difference in your health and quality of life. Mounting scientific evidence shows what has been known for thousands of years by people in the tropical parts of the world: Moringa is nature’s medicine cabinet.

c. It is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, it replenishes your body and provides what you need to get through a hectic weekday or active weekend.

As the candles multiply on top of your birthday cake, you
may find yourself slowing down and saying, I just don’t feel eighteen any more.

d. Moringa gives back some of the energy you thought was lost.

Yet this is not a sugar – based energy. It is not something,
which makes you hyper for some period of intense activity then leaves you drained.

e. Other health benefits identified by people who use Moringa continue
this same pattern: immune system strengthened, skin condition restored, blood pressure controlled, headaches and migraines handled, diabetes sugar level managed, inflammations and arthritis pains reduced, tumors restricted and ulcers healed.

f. Moringa is loaded with nutrients. Each ounce of Moringa contains seven times the Vitamin C found in oranges, four times the Vitamin A of carrots, three times the iron of spinach, four times as much calcium as milk and three times the potassium of bananas.

g. One hundred grams or 1 cup of cooked malunggay leaves contain 3.1 g. protein, 0.6 g. fiber, 96 mg calcium, 29 mg phosphorus, 1.7 mg iron, 2,820 mg ß-carotene, 0.07 mg thiamin, 0.14 mg riboflavin, 1.1 mg niacin, and 53 mg ascorbic acid or vitamin C. The antioxidant activity of malunggay is about 71%, with µ-tocopherol (vitamin E) equivalent of 45 mg.

h. Due to its high vitamins A, C, and E, which are very potent antioxidants, malunggay is a very good quencher of unstable free radicals that can react with and damage molecules that cause aging. Antioxidants reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They also prevent the onset of various chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, and heart and kidney diseases.
SECTION 5: Rules and Mechanics in the implementation of the Program:

a. This program shall be launched on July 2008 during the nutrition month. Short lectures to the Barangay Health Workers shall be done regarding malunggay’s benefits, uses and importance by health personnels, in order for them to be equipped with knowledge so that they can easily explain to the community. Barangay Health Workers shall bring/cook some menu with malunggay.

b. In places like San Juan/Pantalan, where the scarcity of topsoil is a problem, they can utilize the potted malunggay. For those who wanted to utilize potted malunggay may also do the same.
c. This is a year-long program and be evaluated yearly thereafter. Recognitions and awards must be done after a year of implementation. of the program (July 2009).Recognizing the most outstanding Barangay and Barangay Health Worker that fully implements the program.

d. There shall be a “Malunggay Festival” during the second year of implementation on July 2009 and yearly thereafter. Showing different recipes of malunggay that is affordable and palatable that the children find it irresistible. Bring all potted malunggay at the convening area for exhibit/display or for demonstration purposes. Even cooking during/with-in the program, utilizing fresh potted malunggay in the menu. If possible malunggay powder will be developed as health drink like tea and display of the said malunggay powder for promotion and marketing purposes.

e. Database monitoring and records should be kept, which serves as the basis for the evaluation. If the program is effective and or if it reduces the number of malnourished children and or if the reduction of malnourished children is related to the program..

f. If possible research studies should be made. If there is a significant decrease in the number of malnourished children and is it related with the program.

SECTION 6: Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation:

a. The Local Government Unit (LGU) headed by the Municipal Mayor
-Shall be responsible for the sourcing out of funds for the expenses, awards
and prizes for the said program/festival.

b. The Barangay Council with the Barangay Captain as its head shall:
1. Disseminate the information regarding this ordinance
2. Monitor the implementation of this program.
3. Enforce that every household should have planted at least one malunggay tree.

c. The Barangay Health Workers shall:
1. Explain to the community the uses, benefits and importance of malunggay in relation to our health and addressing malnutrition.
2. Help in the monitoring and implementation of the program.
3. Ensure that malunggay is not only planted in the backyard but more specially “Malunggay: dapat kasama sa bawat hapag kainan upang malnutrisyon ay maiwasan”.

d. The Public Health Nurse and Public Health Midwives shall:
1. Keep all the records regarding the program’s implementation, monitoring and evaluation including research studies if any.
2. Enforce with the Barangay Health workers the proper and effective monitoring of children’s weight and or nutrition status.
3. Update the Barangay Health Workers the benefits, uses and importance of malunggay.

SECTION 7: Penal Provisions; Any household found to be not responding to this said ordinance after three (3) quarters of implementation and or four (4) months after the launching of the program shall be penalized as follows.

a. First offense : Verbal or written reprimand by the Barangay Council headed by Barangay Captain.
b. Second offense : Malunggay tree to be planted shall be doubled or 1 day community service or both at the discretion of the court, provided, however that written reprimand and warning had been made in the first offense.
c. Third offense : Malunggay tree to be planted shall be quadrupled or 3 days community service or both at the discretion of the court, provided, however that written reprimand and warning had been made in the first offense and second offense.

SECTION 8: Separatibility Clause: If for any reason, any part of or provision of this ordinance shall be declared unconstitutional or invalid, other parts or provisions hereof which are not affected hereby shall continue to be in full force and effect.

SECTION 9 Repealing Clause: Any local ordinances or parts thereof which is inconsistent with any of the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 10: Effectivity: This ordinance shall take effect immediately after the approval of the Sangguniang Bayan.

Approved: April 18, 2008

Let copies of this ordinance be furnished, to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for review and approval and to Hon. Leoncio B. Evasco, Jr., Municipal Mayor, Mrs. Maria Fe A. Tan, Public Health Nurse, Public Health Midwives, Barangay Health Workers, and Barangay Captains for appropriate action.


SB Member
Presiding Officer


Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian


Municipal Vice Mayor


Municipal Mayor
Date signed: April 28, 2008