Sponsored by: Hon. Pablo A. Baluma

Be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol, that:

Sec. 1 – Definition of Terms:

a.) Signs – any letter, word, numeral pictorial presentation, illustration,
emblem, device, symbol of trademark, flag, banner or any
other figures or similar character that is attached to, painted on
or in any manner represented on a building structure used to
announce, direct attention or to advertise and are visible to the

b.) Advertising sign – a sign that directs attention to a business
profession, commodity, service or entertainment conducted
sold or offered at a place other than where the business, etc., is

c.) Posters – a fabricated flat surface upon which a message is either
posted or painted.

d.) Billboard – panel for posting bills or posters.

e.) Ground Signs – signs resting on the ground

f.) Projecting Signs – a sign fastened to, suspended from or supported on
a building of structure, the display surface which is
perpendicular from the wall surface or is at an angle
there form.

f.) Temporary Signs – signs made of paper, cloth or other light and/or
combustible material, with or without frame installed for a
limited period of time.

Sec. 2 – Pursuant to Chapter 20 of the National Building Code ( PD 1096 ), the following rules and regulations shall govern the design, content, construction, location, installation and maintenance of outdoor billboards, advertising signs, streamers, posters and the like:

a.) Signs shall follow standards of designs, construction and maintenance
in the interest of public safety, convenience, good viewing and to
promote proper community architecture.

b.) Signs shall display or convey only message or visuals that conforms to
public decency and good taste and shall not sound libelous and
prejudicial to the personality of one person or group of persons.

c.) Outdoor advertising signs shall be permitted only in commercial or
industrial zones.

d.) Projecting signs shall not extend more than 1.20m from the wall line
or building line.

e.) Ground signs shall not exceed 6.0m in height above the street crown
and shall not occupy the street sidewalk which may abstract the easy
passage of pedestrians nor distract the attention of motorists.

f.) All temporary signs, bills, posters and the like may be installed or
posted only at:

1. Infront of kwan Yut Bakery
2. Infront of Public Market
3. Poblacion Barangay Hall
4. Other public building which are of public view

Sec. 3 – Any person or group of persons desiring to display, erect or maintain any sign shall file an application to the Office of the Mayor. The application shall include the location where in said signs is to be displayed, erected or maintained a written consent of the owner of the premises in case to location is not a public place.

Sec. 4– No sign of any kind shall be erected, installed or constructed unless a permit is obtained from the Mayor’s Office.

Sec. 5– Exceptions: Temporary signs for charitable, religious and civic purposes duly authorized, are exempted from application of permit, but should conform with the provision sated in Sections 2, 6, 7, 8, and 9, of this ordinance and party should assume the responsibility of removing signs.

Signs shall be maintained in a safe and presentable condition.

Sec.6–Maintenance: Signs shall be maintained in a safe and presentable condition.

Sec. 7 – Identification: Signs shall bear the imprint of the permittee.

Sec 8 – Penalty: Any violation of this ordinance shall be fined of not less than P150.00 but not more than P500.00 or an improvement of not less than five days but not more than 10 days at the discretion of the court.

Sec. 9 – Any displayed signs, violating the provisions of this ordinance, shall be immediately removed and fined.

Sec. 10 – Copies of this ordinance shall be posted in any conspicuous public places and likewise copies be given to all barangay captains of the Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol, for strict compliance and implementation.

Sec. 11 – This ordinance shall take effect upon approval.

Unanimously adopted.


Vice Mayor Presiding Officer