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Preliminary Notes

WHEREAS, it is the Policy of the LGU-Maribojoc, Bohol to give preference of the old occupants of the seven (7) block tiendas to acquire lease rights over the newly constructed block tiendas of the Maribojoc Public Market;

WHEREAS, the National Government through Executive Order No. 542, series of 1997, the LGU-Maribojoc, Bohol will award the lease rights to the old occupants who are interested to occupy said block tiendas and pay the corresponding occupancy fee per provisions of the Municipal Ordinance No. 32, series of 2002;

WHEREAS, those old occupants who are no longer interested to occupy the newly constructed block tiendas, their rights will be given to other interested applicants through public bidding.

WHEREFORE, be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol in their session duly assembled, that:

SECTION 1. Adjudication of Block Tiendas.- The award of lease or occupancy of the vacant or newly constructed block tiendas of the Maribojoc Public Market shall be given to the old occupants who are interested to occupy and pay the corresponding occupancy fee as imposed in Municipal Ordinance No. 32, series of 2002;

SECTION 2. Supplementary Rules and Regulations.-

a.) In the event that among the seven (7) old occupants, some will back out to occupy the newly constructed block tiendas, the vacant slots will be subject to public building to those who are interested to bid for such stalls.

b.) Notice of Vacancy.- If there are vacant block tiendas, it shall be declared vacant and a Notice of Vacancy will be posted for Public Bidding for a period of 15 days for the public to know.

c.) Application to enter Bidding.- Upon posting of the Notice of Vacancy, the Municipal Treasurer shall start to receive applications for lease.

d.) Conduct of Bidding.- The Public Bidding shall be conducted by the LGU Market Committee ten (10) days after the posting of the Notice of Public Bidding at the Municipal Hall during Office Hours.

e.) Certificate of Award / Occupancy.- The certificate of award / occupancy shall be issued after the awardee shall have paid at least 50% of the occupancy fee to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.

f.) Appeals.- Any old occupant or new applicant who is not satisfied with the adjudication procedures may file an appeal; with the Secretary of Finance thru the Municipal Mayor who may submit his comments and recommendation on the matter.

g.) Payment of Occupancy Fee or Bid Amount.-

1.) At least 50% of the occupancy shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurer before the old occupant occupies the new block tienda and the balance amount will be paid in installment basis within the period of three months after his/her payment of 50% occupancy fee.

2.) The block tienda being bidded by new applicants for lease rights the winning bidder shall pay at least 50% of the bidded amount right after the bidding and the balance amount shall be paid within the period of three months either in installment basis or in full amount.

3.) The start of bid in the amount of the occupancy of the old occupants.

h.) The lease holder may appoint beneficiary in case he dies. The name of the beneficiary shall be manifested in the Contract of Lease, after the contract is perfected between him and the LGU-Maribojoc.

i.) Sanction.- The following shall serve among others as grounds for the cancellation of the certificate of occupancy and revocation of Contact of Lease, to wit.

1. Failure to pay in full the occupancy fee within the period required.
2. Failure to occupy the block tienda within two (2) months after its award.
3. Failure to comply with terms and conditions of the Lease Contract.

SECTION 3: Administrative Provisions.-

a.) It shall be the duty of the Municipal Treasurer to keep a registry of all occupants for a specific block tienda indicating therein the time and date of receipt of their applications.

b.) The processing of the application for Lease by the Municipal Treasurer shall include the identification of the legitimate and bonafide lease holders of the previously existing block tiendas.

c.) The application for lease shall entitle the applicant to participate in the adjudication of the block tiendas for old occupants and the new applicants to participate in the bidding if there is a bidding to be conducted.

d.) The Municipal Treasurer shall notify the old occupants of the amount of occupancy fee and to the applicants for bidding the amount of the start of bid.

e.) The bid price if there is any shall be paid by the winning bidder to the Municipal Treasurer and shall be receipted as occupancy fee.

SECTION 4: Repealing Clause.-

All ordinances, rules, regulations or parts thereof, the provisions of which are in conflict with or contrary to the provisions hereof, in part or in whole are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 5: Effectivity.- This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon approval.

Approved: October 25, 2002


Municipal Vice Mayor
Presiding Officer


SB Secretary


Municipal Mayor
Dates signed: November 07, 2002