Authored by: Hon. Ma. Nenita R. Chiu
Co-Authored by: Hon. Pablo A. Baluma

WHEREAS, one of the DENR functions devolved to the Local Government Unit is the issuance of cutting permits of deregulated trees within its jurisdiction;

WHEREAS, because of the prohibition to cut molave tree and other regulated trees which are best for lumber purposes, our lumber users report to the cutting of some fruit bearing trees, like mango trees, star apple trees, jackfruit trees and other, as their substitute;

WHEREAS, some of these cut fruit bearing trees are still productive and is deemed inconsistent with the Department of Agriculture Program, which is to plant more fruit bearing trees in agricultural lands and even in water shed areas to aid the reforestation program of the government and at the same time to increase the country’s agricultural products;

WHEREFORE, be it ordained, by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol that:

SECTION 1: The cutting of fruit bearing and lucrative trees are hereby regulated to avoid scarcity of fruits in the locality.

SECTION 2: The cutting of fruit bearing trees shall be issued with permit after the conduct of inspection and upon payment of the prescribed fees as mandated in Ordinance No. 5, series of 1993.

SECTION 3: Permit to cut fruit bearing and lucrative trees shall be given only if any of the following conditions are found true upon inspection.

a) the fruit bearing tree is no longer productive, or ever since found non-productive even with the use of some agricultural technologies.

b) The fruit bearing tree cause high risk to lives, structures and other public appurtenances.

c) Fruit bearing trees that are uprooted by typhoon, soil softening those which are contaminated by disease or hit by lighting.

SECTION 4: The applicant for a permit to cut fruit bearing trees shall secure the following:

a) a letter of request addressed to the Municipal Mayor to cut a fruit bearing tree.

b) Permit to be issued only after the inspection by the personnel of the Department of Agriculture local office.

c) Permit to be issued only after the inspection by the personnel of the Department of Agricultural local office.

d) Certification of the inspector that trees had been planted to replace the applied trees to be cut.

SECTION 5: Cutting of fruit trees which cause obstruction to public buildings, private buildings, roadways, communication and electrical devices and the cutting of fruit trees uprooted or damaged by typhoon and other natural calamities which endanger lives and properties are not obliged to pay the prescribed permit fee, however, (permittee) the owner shall see the Office of the Mayor to facilitate the inspection to find out that the cut tree is really damaged by natural calamities and other causes provided in Section 3 and Section 5

SECTION 6: The Office of the Department of Agriculture (local office) shall be designated to facilitate the inspection.

SECTION 7: The permittee shall be required to plant trees to replace the cut fruit trees. The number of trees to be planted shall not be less than the number of trees cut; and of the same specie but not necessarily at the same site.

SECTION 8: Any person caught violating the provision of this ordinance shall be penalized in the amount of One Thousand Pesos )P1,000.00) or an imprisonment of not more than six (6) months or both at the discretion of the court.

SECTION 9: This ordinance shall take effect upon approval.

Approved: September 18, 1995

Let copies be furnished to all Barangay Captains, Department of Agriculture, Municipal Treasurer’s Office and other concerned, Maribojoc, Bohol.

Unanimously adopted.


Vice Mayor
Presiding Officer


Municipal Secretary


Municipal Mayor

Date signed: October 9, 1995