Authored by: Alberto E. Arangoso

Explanatory Notes

WHEREAS, the Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office has submitted a position paper on the employment of Filipinos especially Maribojochanons to foreign countries;

WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Bayan after study and consultation, has observed that the proposal can help interested Maribojochanons to work in foreign countries;

WHEREAS, the vision and mission of the proposal is to alleviate the living standard of the families by assisting to provide employment to both local and overseas jobs;

WHEREAS, the objective and goal of the Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO) is to cater the needs of the family through employment and economic development of one’s family and the municipality in general;

WHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Sangguniang Bayan in their session duly assembled;

BE IT ORDAINED by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol, that:


a) Non-Skilled – Those who are interested to work in certain field but do not have any experience or training.

b) Semi- Skilled – Those who have working experience in their field of interest but do not have formal training or trade test certificates (e.g welder by experience, mechanic by experience).

c) Highly Skilled – Those who have formal training, passed the trade tests and
work experience in their field of interest.

d) Professionals – Those who finish a diploma course and are capable of working and be assigned in a position related to their course.

e) TESDA – Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

f) MMDPO – Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office.


a. The Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO)
shall conduct skills inventory on the community regarding the number of non-skilled, highly skilled and professionals for Filipinos especially Maribojochanons.

b. To orient the community the importance of employment in relation to
the municipal economy.

c. To teach applicants the correct way of preparing document requirements
in order for them to seek employment to both local and overseas.

d. For the non skilled, prepare each individual enhance their skills in relation
to their field of interest in accordance to the vocational trainings under TESDA in order for them to qualify to the job orders of local companies and foreign employers.

e. To assist in matching applicants credential/qualifications and the employers
criteria / requirements.


a. For Local Employment:
1. Detailed Resume with 2×2 picture
2. Other credentials available
3. Pre Medical-Hepa test, VDRL, Chest-X-ray
4. Police Clearance
5. NBI Clearance

b. For Overseas Employment:
1. Detailed Resume with 2×2 picture
2. Barangay Clearance
3. Community Tax Certificate.
4. School Records (TOR / Diploma if available)
5. PRC /Drivers License (if applicable)
6. Training certificate (if applicable)
7. Trade test certificate (if any)
8. NBI Clearance
9. Valid passport with signature
10. Previous work contract or Visa copy (for ex-abroad)
11. Police Clearance – upon employer’s request for visa processing
12. Pre-Medical – Hepa test, VDRL, Chest X-Ray (upon employers request / requirements)

c. Passporting Requirements:
1. Birth Certificate – – – – – – NSO
2. Marriage Contract – – – – – – NSO
3. Any two (2) of the following
a. NBI Clearance
b. Valid I.D. – Postal Government, SSS IDs

4. Transcript of Records / Diploma
5. Voter’s ID / Affidavit
6. Baptismal Certificate

d. Matching / Marketing for Employment
1. Local Employment – All applicants for local employment who are matched / marketed to employers will personally submit their documents together with referral letter from MMDP Office as noted by the Municipal Mayor. In case of out of town employers, (e.g. Cebu), MMDP Office will send the documents through courier.

2. Overseas Employment:
a. Only documents of applicants with complete requirements will be sent to the employer / employer’s representative for final evaluation and assessment.
b. MMDP Office will match the applicant’s qualification / credentials to the employer’s requirement based on their current job orders.
c. For those who are selected, the employers will conduct a final interview.
d. Workers who pass the final interview will undergo the final documentation for VISA processing and Work contracts.

e. Financial Requirements of Skilled Worker for final documentation.

1. Final Medical Certificate Fee
a. Depending on the country destination
b. Final medical fee should be shouldered by applicant to avoid collection problem in case result is unfit.

2. Processing Fee
a. Paid upon the release of Final Medical Certificate
b. Depending on the county of destination
c. There are employers who subsidize processing fees of workers.

3. Placement Fee
a. Paid when Visa or contract is already stamped by the POEA and OWWA (When the employer / employer’s representative will provide the worker the copy of the O.E.C. – Overseas Employment Certificate from the POEA, OWWA Registration Certificate – OWWA, Philhealth Receipt, P.D.O.S. Certificate – Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar, Flight details)
b. There are employers who subsidize placement fees of worker.
c. Placement fee depends on the agency requirement.

f. Financial Requirements for Nurses and Caregivers for London.
1. Video Interview fee and commitment fee upon final interview. In case applicant will pass, the amount is considered as commitment fee. In case applicant will fail, the amount will be refunded in full in full outright.
2. Fee in London
3. Visa application fee and Handling fee.
4. Flight details
5. Agency fee
6. Other related expenses.

g. Outsourcing of Fund.
1. Loan assistance from any employer abroad.
2. Applicant’s cash out
3. Bank Loan – (LGU assisted program. The applicant will personally loan from a servicing bank where LGU may act as the witness of the loan.).

h. Loan Payment Scheme:
1. All loans are payable in 6 months term to 10 months
2. How will they pay the loan
a. Soon as the candidate is deployed
b. The employer sends the salaries of all borrowers
(in bulk) directly to the financing bank under the LGU account for the next 6 months (loan term) until the loan is fully paid (with MOA).
c. The financing company is responsible in dividing / segregation of funds.

C. 1 – Monthly loan amortization
C. 2 – Municipal Service fee
C. 3 – Beneficiary

3. Memorandum of Agreement will be signed between:
a. LGU and Employer (bulk remittance)
b. LGU and Bank (fund segregation after deduction of loan amortization.
c. LGU and Applicant (for service fee and authorized beneficiary).
d. Bank and Applicant (authority to deduct)

4. The applicants who are interested to work abroad and willing to obtain a loan from the bank being chosen by the LGU shall look for maker or co-makers of the applied loan in the bank.

i. Deployment of Applicants.
1. Service Fee – All deployed workers will pay service fee to the Municipality of Maribojoc, Bohol. It will be paid within six (6) months to ten (10) months term of payments depending on the amount be paid by the worker.

2. Service fee of deployed workers
a. Non-skilled – – – – P5,000.00 Payable within
b. Semi-skilled – – – – P5,000.00 10 months
c. Highly skilled – – – – $ 500.00 Payable within
d. Professional – – – – $ 500.00 6 months

3. All Service fee payments–Shall be paid to the Municipal Treasurers Office.
a. No other office or individual is allowed to collect or accept service fee payment from the workers.
b. All payments will be issued an official receipt by the Municipal Treasurer’s Office.

4. The amount of fees to be paid by the applicants for deployment are
manifested in the Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO).

5. All applications for deployment abroad shall be indorsed by the Local Chief Executive.

j. Hereunder is the flow chart of the application of the applicant, to wit:
1. Orientation – To be conducted by MMDPO
2. Application / Evaluation
3. Classification base on interest
4. Classification base on skill
5. Classification base on course
6. Non-Skilled
a. Training
b. Trade test
c. Fail / Pass

7. Semi Skilled
a. Trade Test
b. Fail / Pass

8. Highly Skilled
a. Documentation
b. Marketing / Matching
c. Final Documentation if selected
d. Deployment

9. Professionals
a. Documentation
b. Marketing / Matching
c. Final documentation if selected
d. Deployment

10. The Non-Skilled and Semi-Skilled after passing the trade test then they will undergo the following:

a. Documentation
b. Marketing / Matching
c. Final documentation if selected
d. Deployment


1. The Maker and Co-makers shall sign the loan they applied for.
2. If the maker fails to pay the loan within the specified time of the loan, then the Co-maker is responsible in the payment of the loan.
3. The Maker shall provide a collateral of the loan as a guarantee of the loan being released to the maker.
4. The collateral shall consist of a tax declaration, Land Title, Certificate of Registration of Vehicle or other things which are acceptable by the bank.
5. If an applicant fails to be indorsed by the Maker or Co-Makers, said applicant could not be deployed to work abroad.
6. If an applicant will not seek financial assistance from the designated bank of the LGU, and applicant has the capacity to pay all financial obligations by his own family, the Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO) may deploy the applicant after all documentation’s are satisfied by the applicant.
7. All problems being encountered by the applicants shall be referred to the Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO) and the Officer-In-Charge of said office with his expertise shall exert all his efforts to help the applicant.

SECTION 5: IMPLEMENTING AGENCY: The Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office (MMDPO) shall be the implementing agency with the go signal of the Chief Executive.

SECTION 6: REPEALING CLAUSE: Any ordinance or provision of Executive Order inconsistent with this ordinance is hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 7: EFFECTIVITY: This ordinance shall take effect upon approval.

Approval: June 20, 2008

Let copies be furnished, the Sangguniang Panlalwigan of Bohol, Tagbilaran City for review and approval.


Municipal Vice Mayor
Presiding Officer


Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian


Municipal Mayor
Date signed: _______________