Authored by: Kag. Alberto E. Arangoso
Kag. Nicanor J. Lamoste


WHEREAS, the Province of Bohol has declared to protect and enhance the health of the inhabitants of the province including the transient visitors who come to visit the Province of Bohol in order to support the tourism industry of the island province;

WHEREAS, with this program the local ordinances should be strengthen to achieve the goal of this project;

WHEREAS, this program aims to eradicate the cases of rabies in the entire province of Bohol;

WHEREAS, the families are encouraged to have a pet animals in their respective homes in order to reduce dog bites, to control the prolification of dogs and eradicate the stray dogs in the streets;

WHEREFORE, be it ordained by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc in session duly assembled:

BE IT ORDAINED by the Sangguniang Bayan of Maribojoc, Bohol, that:

SECTION 1: Definition of Terms:

a. Dog – A four-legged domestic animal.

b. Rabies – An acute disease of the central nervous system attacking dogs and other carnivorous animals, in man, called hydrophobia.

c. Prevention – To hinder or stop from happening.

d. Eradication – To exterminate destroy utterly, erase, blot out.

e. Bite – To penetrate or seize with the teeth, a wound made by the teeth or a stinger.

f. Stray dogs – Dogs which are roaming around the streets area from the control of the owners are considered stray dogs.

SECTION 2: The Program: There shall be established a Municipal Rabies Prevention and
Eradication Program (MRPEP).

SECTION 3: Program Goal: The goal of the Program is to make Maribooc a Rabies-Free

SECTION 4: Program Objectives: Generally the program shall aim to control the spread of
rabies within the municipality.

Specifically, the program shall aim to:

a. Eliminate the incidence of positive human rabies in the municipality.

b. Increase to at least 80% of households with dogs that practice responsible per ownership such as but not limited to, immunization of dogs against rabies and leashing dogs within the yard.

c. Reduce by 50% the number of stray dogs in the Municipality of Maribojoc.

d. Reduce by 70% cases of dog bites incidence.

e. To control the dog population of the town of Maribojoc.

f. To conduct a massive dog vaccination in all barangays of Maribojoc

g. To monitor, detect and quarantine dogs.

h. To take action rabies cases and evaluate the dog bites cases.

SECTION 5: Program Thrust: The main thrust of the program is to promote the concept of
Responsible Pet Ownership in the prevention and control of rebies. The public must be made to understand the importance of having their dogs prevented from roaming around and leasing them whenever they bring them outside their residence. Knowing that rabies is primarily transmitted through bites of rabid dogs, reducing contact among dogs will limit the risk of exposure to the disease.

SECTION 6: Municipal Rabies Council and Task Force:

There is hereby created a Municipal Rabies Council and Task Force with the following composition, to wit:

Chairman – Municipal Mayor
Vice Chairman – Municipal Agricultural Officer
Secretary – MAPC
Members – Municipal Health Officer
ABC President
Chief of Police
BALA President
Tanod Federation President
MAPC Chairman
Religious Sector Rep.
ABC President
3 People’s Organization (to be appointed by the
Sanitary Inspector
SB Chairman – Committee on Agriculture

SECTION 7: Duties of the Municipal Rabies Council Task Force:

a. To prepare a masterlist of dogs and its owners.

b. To register all dogs of the municipality following the guidelines set by the Municipal Dog Council.

c. To be responsible in the implementation of dog population control and to control the transferring of dogs in different places.

d. To help prevent rabies in the different barangays.

e. To secure funds for rabies control.

f. To help people what to do when someone is bitten by dogs.

SECTION 8: Responsibilities for Dog Owners: All dog owners shall be mindful of the
following responsibilities.

a. To submit their dogs for vaccination and a record for the time of vaccination.

b. To take custody of their dogs in a proper place in their homes or surrounding to avoid them to be a stray dog.

c. To take good care of their pet dogs by giving them food and shelter.

d. To report to the authorities when dog bites will happen in the area of responsibility.

e. To help the victim of dog bites and shoulder the expenses of vaccines and anti rabies prevention to the victim.

f. When the dog owners have failed to fulfill their duties and responsibilities to the dog bite victim, the dog owner shall face the consequence of the law.

SECTION 9: Mandatory Dog Registration: There shall be a dog registration in every
barangay to be conducted by the Barangay Council.

a. The dog shall be registered in the Barangay Council and the registration shall be renewable every year. The following shall be the fees of the registration, to wit:

1. Male dog – P 100.00

2. Female dog – P 50.00

The income of the dog registration shall be shared to the three
LGU’s, to wit:

1. 50% for the barangay
2. 25% for the municipality
3. 25% for the province

b. The Barangay Treasurer shall collect the dog registration and remit to the Municipal Treasurer the amount collected and to be shared by the three entities.

SECTION 10: Impounding, Field Control and Disposition of Unregistered Stray and
Unvaccinated Dogs.

a. All dogs which are not registered by the Barangay Councils shall be impounded in the dog pound.

b. All dogs which are impounded in the dog pound can be taken by the owner after payment of necessary fees or it can be adopted by those interested to adopt the dog following RA8485 or Animal Welfare Act of 1998.

SECTION 11: Municipal and Barangay Rabies Councils:

The LGU’s of the municipality and barangay are mandated to created their respective Municipal and Barangay Rabies Councils. The composition of the Municipal Rabies Council shall follow Section of the Executive Order No. 01, series of 2007 issued by the Municipal Mayor dated March 7, 2007.

SECTION 12: Responsibilities of the MRCC and BRB:

The MRCC and the BRB shall follow the provisions mandated by Section 2 of Executive Order No. 01, Series of 2007, issued by the Municipal Mayor dated 7th March, 2007, Maribojoc, Bohol.

SECTION 13: Finding: The funding for the rabies eradication campaign shall be shouldered by
the National, Provincial, Municipal and Barangay Governments on counterpart basis. Private donations may also be utilized if offered for the purpose.

SECTION 14: Repealing Clause: All provisions executive issuances, orders, memoranda and
ordinances which are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed, modified or amended accordingly.

SECTION 15: Effectivity: This ordinance shall take effect immediately.

Approved: April 27, 2007

Let copies be furnished, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Bohol for review and approval.


Vice Mayor


Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian


Municipal Mayor
Date signed: April 30, 2007

A true copy from the original:

Acting Secretary to the Sanggunian