July 2007 – June 2008


The Report is an effort to review and outline the accomplishments of the present dispensation based on the defined strategies towards the integrated resources management presently available in the Municipality of Maribojoc. The Strategy is an integrated and comprehensive community development effort. This is aimed at the formation of the various communities in Maribojoc, Bohol into an agro, fishery, entrepreneurial and eco-tourism productivity centers, with manifestations on the qualities of a cohesive and vigorous producer communities with a keen ability to apply appropriate economic productivity skills to balance with the protection, rehabilitation, use of remaining local natural resources and to promote and conserve its rich socio cultural heritage.

The Strategy presents a vision for the future of Maribojoc’s socio-economic base and a series of strategies for enhancing employment, investment and quality of life opportunities that will benefit the entire community.

The underlying philosophy of this Strategy is that Maribojoc can develop local visions and goals and apply local resources to achieve them. It is a systematic approach to the formation of a “roadmap” that helps the community work toward a vision of long-term prosperity while maintaining those values considered important both now and in the future. The vision and values for Maribojoc are based on the interests of the community’s multiple stakeholders and include not only the economic perspectives, but also, social and environmental considerations. Thus, Maribojoc has redefined its Vision as “a socially vibrant, economically efficient and ecologically sustainable community


The Local Government of Maribojoc in its Executive Legislative Agenda for CY 2007 -2010 has defined the following goals and objectives:

  • 1. 2.1.  Economic Development
    • Improved Way of Living through Food Sufficiency at Household Level and Increased Farm and Fishery Production and Profitability
    • Increased Trading Activities within the Municipality
    • Flourishing Local Eco-Heritage Tourism Industry
    • Maribojoc Port Established as an Alternate to Tagbilaran and Loon
    • Wide Access to Overseas and Local Employment Opportunities
    • Sustainable Safe Water Supply for All Households
    • Upgraded Inter-Barangay Road Network
    • Adequate Infrastructure Support for Socio-Economic Growth
  • 2. 2.2  Social Development
    • Adequate Support for the Welfare of Children, Women, Youth,
    • Elderly, Disabled and the Less Fortunate
    • Quality Education is Made Available to All
    • Enhanced Youth Development in Sports, Music, Arts and Culture
    • Enhanced Health and Nutrition Services
    • Dynamic and Effective Police in the Maintenance of Peace and Order and Public Safety
  • 3. 2.3  Environmental Protection
    • Harmonized Economic Development and Environmental Protection
    • Effective Enforcement of Environmental Laws and Policies
    • Participatory Solid Waste and Waste Water Management
    • Increased Municipal Greening Rate
  • 4. 2.4  Governance and Administration
    • Adequate and Effective Policy Support to Priority Development Issues
    • Effective Human Resource Structure
    • Sound Fiscal Management
    • Enhanced Transparency of Governance


    • CITIZEN’S PARTICIPATION. Upon assumption into office, this administration has conducted clustered consultations among barangay officials and has participated in dialogues at Barangay assemblies. This activity was aimed at encouraging and facilitating citizen’s participation in governance. Results of these interactions were integrated into the process of formulating the Executive and Legislative Agenda. This likewise attempts to regain the trust and confidence of the people in the way the affairs of the municipality are being managed. Based on the prevailing mood, we can confidently say that Maribojoc has regained the stature, dignity and respect despite its being a 5th class municipality.
    • RE-ORGANIZATION OF THE BUREAUCRACY. To maximize available resources, the bureaucracy was streamlined based on the mandates of specific laws and the demands of the current program thrusts and defined services. The following:Creation of New Offices and Committees/Councils:
      • General Services Office
      • Municipal Environmental and Natural Resources Office
      • Municipal Eco-Heritage Tourism Culture and Arts Office
      • Municipal Manpower Development and Placement Office
      • Eco-Heritage Tourism,  Culture and Arts Council
      • Maribojoc Trees for Life Management Council
      • Municipal Management Information Systems Office
    • RE-TOOLING OF OFFICES. All Departments and Offices have undergone on-going re-tooling for computer-based administrative and management systems. Computer units and multi-media facilities were purchased and existing ones upgraded. Other facilities were introduced in partnerships with other governmental agencies such as:
      • E-TRACS (Electronic Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System) – a network connection between the Mayor’s Office, the Offices of the Assessor and the Treasurer. A project of the Provincial Government and funded by Australian Aid.
      • BREQS (Batch Requests Entry System) this system interconnects the Office of the Local Civil Registrar with the National Statistics Office for birth authentication, marriage certificates and Certificate of No Marriage.
      • A GIS (Geographical Information System) software was received from the Local Government Development Program an AusAid funded project. This is still to be installed at our Municipal Management Information Systems Office.
      • A BIS (Biometrics Identification System) a tamper proof computer-based system is currently use to log  down daily time records of personnel instead of the logbooks
    • FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY. Reviewed and updated the Internal Control System to provide accurate local financial transactions and ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability. We are strictly abiding by the provisions of RA 9184 – the Government Procurement Act by re-organizing the Bids and Awards Committee
    • LOCAL FISCAL ADMINISTRATIVE DEVELOPMENT. We have launched an intensive campaign to collect and generate revenues most specifically on aging receivables such on real estate taxes, water bills and rentals on government buildings. At the same time, the Sangguniang Panglungsod is in the final process of updating the Local Revenue Code. Currently efficiency rate in tax collection is increasing.
    • PEACE AND ORDER. While this area belongs to the Social Services Component, I have intentionally chosen to discuss this here just to emphasize the importance of this aspect in the lives of our people. In development, peace and order form one of the core factors in the progression of things. We have provided the Police Force with a modest building and an appropriately equipped station. Even if just to initially provide a chance for the PNP to restore its dignity and eventually motivate its personnel to fulfill its duties towards the citizenry. Rest assured, we are to pursue our unrelenting campaign against the proliferation of illegal drugs, prohibited substances and other anti social behaviors. It is my mandate and I intend to keep it without fear or favor.
    • THE AGRI-FISHERY COMPONENT is a family-based productivity initiatives geared toward food sufficiency within the immediate participating farm/fishing families through the conduct of intensive multi farming-fishing-forestry system. The main goal is to improve the family way of living by making available at all times nutritious food in the home. This likewise is aimed to result at generating family savings that can otherwise be used to respond to other immediate family needs.
      • The Himsog nga Pananum Himsog nga Katawhan Program.
        • This program is a mechanism in backyard farming to maximize available spare time in between major income generating activities of family members and utilize vacant farm lots around and within the vicinity of their residences for the production of crops, poultry, small livestock and in-land fishery. Formally launched last June 03, 2008, the program has undertaken an intensive information campaign among barangay residents. Actual planting of at least ten malunggay and ten hills of lemon grass (tangad) per household is to start within this month. Every month thereafter, planting of various crops are likewise to be undertaken.
        • As part of the over-all preparations for the above-mentioned program, the Municipal Agriculture Office has initiated a vermi-composting facility. The facility is envisioned to pre-test and transfer the technology to the barangays together with the dispersal of vermi breeding stocks. At the same time the capacity of the nursery has been enhanced to effectively respond to the eventual need for more planting materials.
      • Marine and in-land Fishery.
        • A zoning of the coastal areas have been done in partnership with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to determine the suitability of each zone for certain types of marine livelihood productivity efforts. Marine culture in bangus fish caging and gozo farming has already been approved for implementation. Project participants in bangus fish caging are now in the skills transfer phase of the project. This is to be undertaken among members of the Poblacion Fisheries Association (POFIA). Anytime this month another skills training workshop on gozo farming is scheduled for members of target people’s organizations in the areas from Bood to Punta Cruz. Members of ALIMANGO had finished their training on oyster production.
        • Fishing families are to be assigned areas where they are to engage in specific productive activity in coordination with accredited coastal-based community associations. The strategy ensures the on-going conservation and rehabilitation of mangrove areas while at the same time provide families with adequate marine products initially for family consumption.
        • We have pursued the maintenance and protection of the Punta Cruz and Maraag Marine Protected Areas. The Department of the Energy has provided funds for the construction of a guard house in Punta Cruz, the installation of bouys and two patrol boats. Despite our initial handicaps due to limited resources we have strengthened the protection of our municipal waters. With the increased number of seaborne patrols and sustained vigilance and participation of the Bantay Dagat volunteers, deputized Fish Wardens and the reorganized Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Management Council, we have increased the number of our apprehensions and penalties while at the same time deterred the commission of illegal activities within our municipal waters. There are no special treatments and we don’t ever think about amicable settlements or cashabutan.
        • On the other hand, existing initiatives on in-land fishery has been maintained with the dispersal of 3,000 tilapia fingerlings among project participants in Tinibgan, Cabawan and San Roque.
      • Livestock and poultry.
        • Livestock dispersal activities (swine, goats and cattle) are being pursued. However as pre conditions, prospective recipients are to provide housing to the animals and are required to establish feed lots on forage grasses capable to sustain the feeding requirements of the animals. Animal Health Care in the forms of treatment, vaccination, deworming and castration are likewise being provided. Other technical assistance are made available such as Artificial Insemination (AI) or natural breeding.
        • A carabao depot has been established within the CASABUT area with the arrival of nine pregnant carabaos from the Provincial Agriculture Office. CASABUT stands for Cabawan, Agahay, San Roque, Aliguay, Busao and Toril. These are the main rice producing barangays of the municipality. The depot is jointly managed by these Barangays. The breeding stocks are initially secured to upgrade and increase present population. The care and management of the animals are the responsibility of the recipients who are also subject to conditions set by CASABUT.
        • Massive anti-rabies vaccination has already been done in the 223 barangays. We are now in the stage where stray and unregistered dogs are being eliminated. This is an adaptation of a Provincial Ordinance on the control of rabies.
      • Capacity Building.
        • Technologies are transferred to farm/fishing families by way of regular demonstrations and other related skills transfer process.  Appropriate and replicable demonstration farms that approximate actual farming/aqua culture/fishing conditions of participating families are established in appropriate barangays. Natural/organic farming is likewise being introduced and promoted. Among the CASABUT members the pre testing of an organic Masipag rice technology is on-going.
        • The main goal is to improve the family way of living by making available at all times nutritious food in the home. This likewise is aimed to result at generating family savings that can otherwise be used to respond to other immediate family needs.
      • Networking.
        • The LGU through the Municipal Agriculture Office is closely coordinating with the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist and the Bohol Agricultural Promotions Center for appropriate and applicable programs and services such as the FITS for Techno Gabay Program and other support services.
    • THE COTTAGE INDUSTRY COMPONENT involves the production of handicrafts that generate wider interests, focus on labor intensive production and marketing style and utilize locally available skills and raw materials.
      • Development of local entrepreneurial initiatives.
        • An informal inventory of the supply chain of handicrafts presently marketed in Antequera was made that generated an information that 50% to 60% of the supply is coming from Maribojoc.
        • Established a linkage that can facilitate the marketing of local products to local and foreign market outlets;
        • With the assistance of DTI upgrading of production skills for appropriate technology and processes necessary to respond to demands for products were conducted among weavers and processors of food products. They also attended seminar-workshops on entrepreneurship and enterprise management.
        • Provision of raw material requirements to conform to product specifications such as improved pandan variety. A pandan nursery with 200 plants was established and 1,870 pandan suckers were distributed to the weavers as raw materials support service.
        • The establishment of a Center to facilitate the over-all marketing of products, products research and development, depot for raw materials, financial access and other administrative support has been held in abeyance pending the formation of a privately owned and operated business entity. The role of the LGU was to provide policy and infrastructure support to this initiative.
    • ECO HERITAGE TOURISM, CULTURE and ARTS COMPONENT includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment and enhance the cultural integrity of the local people. Eco cultural tourism must benefit the local population economically and culturally to provide them incentives to protect the natural resources which create the attractions. The main goal is to enable the people to enjoy and learn about the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of the unique environments while preserving the integrity of these sites and stimulating the economic development opportunities in local communities.
      • Master Development Plans are to be drawn for each identified and potential eco-tourism destinations. An inventory of existing and potential destinations and a heritage mapping were done.
      • The University of Bohol has agreed to undertake master planning for Boloc-boloc Spring. A survey has already been done on the site by the Engineering Department of said University.
      • Punta Cruz Watch Tower is moving towards becoming a wedding venue. Holy Name University has initially agreed to undertake the planning. We have negotiated with the lot owner of an area where the chapel is to be relocated.
      • Abatan River is envisioned to be the site for Aqua Sports. Floating rafts with a spa and coffee shop is already in operations. Soon two dragon boats are to see action in the river. A community-based association is finalizing with the DENR for a lease of a portion in Bitaog as an eco-tourism site.
      • Since the community traditionally living in eco-tourism destinations has specific knowledge on these sites, maximum efforts should be made to integrate these communities with the eco-tourism program. To sustain motivation and to create community development, a significant proportion of the benefits should be redistributed at the level of the host community.  This is what BLESSED Program is all about. An AusAid funded project managed by BANGON together with the communities in Bood, Lagtangon, Guiwanon and Punta Cruz.
      • Promotional and marketing activities have been done in coordination with Provincial Tourism Council Tour Operators in an integrative manner where economic objectives have to be balanced with the maintenance and enhancement of a given ecological system, cultural and aesthetic resources.
    • MANPOWER ENHANCEMENT TOWARDS EMPLOYMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP COMPONENT is an effort to widen access for local and overseas employment opportunities and mobilize entrepreneurial initiatives by providing appropriate skills training workshops, linkages with local and foreign agencies and/or companies and with financial institutions for advances to cover placement related costs.
      • On-going skills inventory at the barangay level is being undertaken as part of the training needs assessment and resource data banking.
      • Aside from the usual match making processes between applicants and prospective employers and documentation procedures, the Office is pursuing its network building initiatives among other employers or placement agencies worldwide.
      • It is to be noted here that the Office is not only servicing residents of Maribojoc but likewise applicants from other places. Todate, the Office has facilitated the local employment of four applicants and ten for jobs abroad.
    • MARIBOJOC TREES for LIFE (MT4LP) Program
      • This is the flagship program for the agro-forestry activities for the municipality that is envisioned to help conserve soil, stabilize slopes, recycle nutrients and assist in the rejuvenation of degraded sites. Participating families are encouraged to establish roughage plantations along contour lines as prerequisite to their enlistment in the small livestock dispersal project. In later stage of the program, soil and water conservation measures cum livelihood projects such as fuelwood production are to be promoted to reduce the pressure on existing indigenous vegetative cover brought about by unscrupulous firewood gatherers and charcoal makers.
      • For the past year, the program has implemented Executive Order No 9 series of 2007 from the Office of the Governor on the Beautification and Green Highway Project with the planting of fire trees on both sides of the highway from Punta Cruz to Lincod then to San Roque. We have likewise increased the availability of planting materials at our nursery for forest, fruit and ornamental trees.
      • Ensures the sustainable development of  marine and freshwater resources
      • Re-organization and re-activation of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Councils  (BFARMC and  MFARMC)
      • Mangrove Reforestation
        • Area Planted : 22,500 sq. m.
        • No. of Propagules Planted : 22,500
        • The planting was with participation of High School and Elementary graduating students and other civic organizations
      • Encouraging community participation in the preservation, protection and rehabilitation of the mangrove areas
        # 263 hectares is vegetated with mangroves
        # 232.71 hectares is declared as CBFMA
  • SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENTOn-going collection of solid waste and subsequent segregation at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). We are also maintaining a Residual Containment Area subject to the availability of a landfill.
    • An Endowment Fund of Php100,000.00 per quarter has been approved by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes. We are finalizing the documentations to be able to avail of the first release. Mechanics of this medical indigency program have already been agreed upon by the LGU and the Maribojoc Community Hospital.
    • We are awaiting the documents covering the approved donation of an Ambulance from the PCSO.
    • Other than our efforts to upgrade the Health Center with the required equipment and facilities, our health and nutrition program is integrated especially with our food production program.
    • Sports. An Intensive Sports Skills Enhancement Clinic (ISSEC) was held last May 14 – 18, 2008. This was attended by 152 potential coaches on nine sports events and managed by the Sports Institute of the Philippine Sports Commission. Sports equipment and facilities have been promised to us. Initially we have received two dragonboats from the Philippine Dragonboat Federation.
    • Arts and Music. Proposals have been readied for the implementation of these components.
    • Enting-enting: Parada sa mga Milagro. A festival that interprets the miracles of the Patron Saint in dances.
    • A heritage mapping is in progress to record sites, buildings and other structure for potential restoration and preservation.

    Other than the usual services delivered by the Municipal Health Office, we have sought assistance from other agencies to compliment our own resources.

    3.4.2   YOUTH DEVELOPMENT IN SPORTS, ARTS AND MUSIC. This is to mobilize and harness the energies of the youth towards citizenship building as the successor generation. Target participants are those in the elementary grades who have the inclination in sports, arts and music. The development of skills is envisioned to also provide the youth scholarship opportunities for higher education and/or facilitate in the mobilization of other alternative livelihood efforts.

    3.4.3  CULTURE AND HERITAGE. This program aims to promote and maintain the heritage values of the municipality by reviving traditions, practices and other rituals that depict the life experiences of the people.

  • COMMUNITY FACILITIES AND UTILITIES COMPONENT is the   service support system to include various facilities and other social services to respond to community needs.
    • Water System. One of the major support facilities is a sustainable safe water supply for the households and other uses. The availability of an adequate quantity and quality water has always been Maribojoc’s longtime dream and this is partially attained with the present system. Other water sources have been identified resulting in the expansion of the system to some other unserved areas. However intensive monitoring on water quality has to be done to prevent bacterial contamination and ensure potability at all time.
    • Maribojoc Wharf. The Provincial Development Council has approved of a proposal to make Maribojoc Wharf as an alternate to the Tagbilaran Port. Concreting works are in progress funded by the Provincial Government at the cost of Php3million. The Philippine Ports Authority has earmarked Php18 million and Php3 million from the CDF of Cong. Chatto for the widening of the road from the lighthouse to the berthing area.
    • Presidencia and the Plaza. We have done some facelifting of the Residencia and improvements and landscaping of the Plaza. The plaza is at its final finishing stage.
    • Public Market. There are no big plans for the public market. Works presently undertaken are efforts to ventilate and brighten the area by removing some portion of the roof. Some stalls have to be relocated. Construction of a new toilet facility is about to be finished.


We have encountered a lot of obstacles along the way.  But the most of these are coming from ourselves.  A question being asked too often is: Can we still learn new tricks?

Inasmuch as we would like to do more with the limited resources that we have, the challenge is for us to go beyond ourselves and outside our comfort zones. We are called to serve and our commitment is to the people FIRST.

Political plurality is the essence of democracy. And political ambitions are most welcome if the intent is to sincerely serve our constituency. Much is still to be done. We have just barely scratched the surface.

We now have two dragonboats and as you may learn later, we need to paddle together to move forward under the rhythm of the drum and according to the direction of the steerer.  Hopefully for the next generations, Maribojoc becomes a social, cultural and economic dragon.    Thank you and good day!