Maribojoc Center for Livelihood Enterprises Development (MaCLED) Officer

Office Clerk

Office Aide

Task and Functions:

In relation to Human Resource Development

  • Conducts periodic trainings needs assessment survey among community residents in the areas of entrepreneurial/employment values re-orientation, livelihood opportunities identification, basic technical/management skills and other capacity building requirements;
  • Formulates appropriate training modules based on the results of training needs assessment survey;
  • Designs a year round training schedule and corresponding budget;
  • Identifies and creates a pool of e expert resource persons who can be mobilized based on scheduled trainings and identified modules; and
  • Conducts assessment every after training activity and quarterly evaluation on the over-all implementation of the human resource development plan.

In relation to Domestic or Overseas Screening, Recruitment/Placement

  • Conducts periodic skills inventory at the level of the communities regarding the number of non-skilled, semi-skilled, highly-skilled and professional workers for database information and referral purposes;
  • Orients the community on the importance of local and/or overseas employment in relation to the over-all economic development strategies of the Municipality;
  • Plans, organizes and implements recruitment activities to fill-up current POEA approved job-orders and manpower pooling activity for new job requirement for local and overseas;
  • Facilitates LGU sponsored job fair activities covering the whole municipality;
  • Orients, interviews, qualifies and recommends applicants to further skills transfer activities necessary for local jobs and overseas employment;
  • Provides technical assistance to qualified workers in the preparation of all employment related documents; and
  • Acts as liaison between the Office of the Mayor and the DOLE, POEA, TESDA and other related agencies; between the Employers, the Employees and the Employees’ immediate families.

In relation to Enterprise Development

  • Facilitates the identification of livelihood opportunities in the various communities of the municipality;
  • Conducts the matching process between individual livelihood preferences and the identified opportunities;
  • Assists in the formulation of feasibility studies on preferred livelihood productivity initiatives;
  • Acts as match-maker between market and the producer; and
  • Refers to the experts’ pool needs for technical assistance in terms of raw materials sourcing, production processes, manpower requirements, financial record keeping and other needs.