Human Resource Management Officer – Designate

Tasks and Functions:

  1. Plans and directs a municipal personnel program which includes recruitment, hiring, training, classification, salary and wage determination, labor relations, benefit administration and personnel records keeping;
  2. Lead in the installation of a Performance Management System in the LGU as basis for awards, promotion, placement and other personnel action;
  3. Ensure the adoption and implementation of the Code of Ethics and Norms of Conduct of government officials and employees as established by the municipal government of Maribojoc;
  4. Look for available scholarship grants and programs for all deserving LGU officials and employees of the to prepare them for higher position or greater tasks to improve government service and career staff development;
  5. Develop an annual Comprehensive Training and Development Plan for all the employees of the local government unit (LGU) and take charge in the preparation of the evaluation instrument, the conduct, and the assessment of results;
  6. Furnish personnel services to municipal departments;
  7. Advice municipal officials on personnel policy, practices and problems;
  8. Maintains liaison with the Civil Service Commission (CSC);
  9. Observes employees’ interests and ensure rights are protected;
  10. Recommends changes in policy, practices, rules and regulations affecting the personnel program;
  11. Shall provide the following services/programs/projects:
    a. Employment Programs and Services – provide information and assistance to the constituents and applicants;
    b. Issuance of Certification of Leave Credits/Statement of Leave Credits;
    c. Issuance of Service Record;
    d. Issuance of Certificate of Employment; and
    e. Processing of application for leave and appointment for hiring and recruitment;
  12. Perform functions stipulated in Rule VII, Section 1 – letters a to k of the CSC Law and Rules.