Municipal Budget Officer

Office Aide

Functional Statement:

  1. To prepare and analyze Annual and Supplemental Budgets in the municipality;
  2. To advise the Local Chief Executive, S.B. Members, Local Finance Committee, NGOs and other private sector groups on matters related to development planning and budget administration;
  3. To control and advise the department/section heads of the balances of their appropriation;
  4. To review the Barangay Annual and Supplemental Budgets; and
  5. To perform other related functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


  1. To be an effective arm in the local government;
  2. To play an effective role on matters pertaining to budgetary needs of the municipality; and
  3. To promote participative governance in planning and budgeting as the key to attain fiscal discipline, allocative efficiency and effective utilization of resources.