• MARIBOJOC TREES for LIFE (MT4LP) Program – this is the flagship program for the agro-forestry activities for the municipality that is envisioned to help conserve soil, stabilize slopes, recycle nutrients and assist in the rejuvenation of degraded sites. Participating families are encouraged to establish roughage plantations along contour lines as prerequisite to their enlistment in the small livestock dispersal project. In later stage of the program, soil and water conservation measures cum livelihood projects such as fuel wood production are to be promoted to reduce the pressure on existing indigenous vegetative cover brought about by unscrupulous firewood gatherers and charcoal makers
  • COASTAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – Ensures the sustainable development of marine and freshwater resources, Mangrove Reforestation, Encouraging community participation in the preservation, protection and rehabilitation of the mangrove areas, 263 hectares is vegetated with mangroves, while 232.71 hectares is declared as CBFMA
  • SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT – On-going collection of solid waste and subsequent segregation at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). We are also maintaining a Residual Containment Area subject to the availability of a landfill.
  • Wastewater management – On-going wastewater assessment and management planning in collaboration with Eco-Gov.
  • Coastal Zoning
  • MARIBOJOC WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY PROJECT – aims to establish a wastewater treatment facility, which will reduce the strength of the domestic wastewater disposed from 95 households at a port area into a much more tolerable level for an S-B seawater classification, like the Maribojoc Bay. – P 4 M Project

Note: Projects in Italics are yet in the planning stage and their respective projects proposals are still for fund sourcing.