The existing institutional structure of the municipality is the usual and regular one of a local government unit serving the entire populace.

The municipal government of Maribojoc is made up of eighteen (18) offices. Executive and administrative functions reside at the office of the Municipal Mayor. The highest policy-making body of the municipality is the Sanggunian Bayan, whose membership includes the Vice Mayor as the presiding officer, eight (8) elected municipal councilors, the President of the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC), and the President of the Federation of the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairmen (SK).

The Municipal Development Council (MDC) is the planning body of the municipality. The Municipal Mayor is the chairman of the MDC and the office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator serves as the technical secretariat.

Other offices are: Office of the Secretary to the Board, Office of Local Civil Registry, Municipal Budget Office, Office of the Municipal Accountant, Office of the Municipal Treasurer, Office of the Municipal Assessor, Municipal Health Office, Office of the Human Resource Management, Office of the Social Welfare and Development, Municipal Agriculture Office, Municipal Engineering Office, Office of the Municipal Public Information Officer, Office of the Environment and Natural Resources, Waterworks Office, Local Economic Enterprise Office, and the Municipal General Services Office.

Based on the Plantilla of Personnel submitted in 2008 to the Civil Service Commission, the municipality has 49 personnel. These personnel are elected and appointive serving in the eighteen offices. To supplement the services of these regular personnel, 94 casual employees and 24 contractual workers are hired in contractual basis assigned in the different offices.