Maribojoc has a total agricultural area of 4,369 has of which 1,808 has. are devoted largely to planting various types of crops, of these, 1,286 has. are planted with coconut while 17% is devoted to rice and corns. Major crops include coconut, rice, corn, root crops, and vegetables. 42.8% of the total number of households is engaged in farming.

The livestock population of the municipality per year is increasing due to LGU’s dispersal programs and some private commercial raisers.

Fishing is one of the major sources of livelihood of approximately 500 households along the coastal barangays and neighboring interior barangays. The average catch is 400 kilos a day.

The town has one central business district located at Barangay Poblacion, where business establishments are found. It is the center of commercial activities that gravitate around the public market. There are approximately 400 establishments engaging in wholesale and retail trade, service, transportation, and communications.

A number of residents of the municipality are engaged in cottage industry production such as basket, hat, and mat weaving. Other micro-level industries are manufacturing of hollow blocks and furniture making.

The municipality of Maribojoc plays a major role in most of the recommended tourism circuits in the province of Bohol. The destinations and attractions of the municipality had been classified under Cultural Heritage Tourism and Nature Tourism.

The Cultural and Heritage tourisms covers the Santa Cruz Parish Church and Museum located in Poblacion and the Punta Cruz watch Tower and Park in Punta Cruz. There are also identified ancestral homes which are potential tourism products in the near future. The Nature Tourism includes the Kangkay Mountain Peak and Padhan Cave for nature trekking and spelunking, respectively. It also includes the Mangrove Adventure Tour at the SAVIMA and ALIMANGO Boardwalks, and the Abatan River Tour, where kayaking and leisure boating and other water sports are feasible.

The municipality is also known for its beach resorts at Barangays Lagtangon, Guiwanon, and Punta Cruz. Punta Cruz also offers diving escapades and one accommodation establishment at Punta Bay Resort. Recently, Maribojoc became the lure of the seafood lovers as Aup-aup KTV and Restaurant offers sumptuous and delicious native sea dishes.

Other sources of income in most of the households in the municipality are employment in both government service and private companies. There are also a number of the households that get their income from overseas employment.